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Car Shipping Checklist – Transport Prep Work

Do you need to ship your car and tasks before it looks daunting to you? Maybe it’s your first experience with vehicle transport, and you’ll feel most comfortable knowing that you did everything in your power to secure the precious cargo. So whether you are shipping your car to a neighbouring state or across the country, use the ultimate guide for first-time auto transport to prepare your vehicle for shipping like a pro! Make sure to look at our car shipping checklist and get ready.

STEP 1: More research is better than no research

For the last couple of years, the car shipping industry has been thriving, with more people daring into bigger lifestyle changes than ever before. This is a good and a more challenging factor for you as a customer. First, you’ll be able to choose. Second, you need to be able to choose wisely. When it comes to car shipping company choice, more is more. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and conduct your own online research. Company history, customer reviews, find out what is the actual cost of shipping a car and check the unique services the company offers.

STEP 2: Ask for clarity, expect precision

When selecting, expect your order details to be clearly stated in a confirmation email along with your vehicle details, date, time, and takeover place. Do not hesitate to ask for clearly stated following steps. Car shipping, like any large-scale production, benefits from checklists. The right auto transport company for you will be able to navigate this otherwise delicate process.

STEP 3: Ready, steady, go

Make sure your vehicle is ready to go. It’s recommendable to clean it so that potential damage could be evident. The right company will advise you on opting for an open or enclosed car shipping method. Also, you may leave your personal belongings inside of it; however experienced auto transport companies will advise against it. Finally, remember that a car inspection needs to be signed by the company inspector and yourself!

STEP 4: While you wait for your car

If using a reputable company, customer services should be top-notch. Expect 24-hour customer support through which you will be able to track your car at any moment. The road can bring unexpected events. That is non-negotiable.

Car shipping checklist done right

If everything goes well, your checklist served you well. If it doesn’t, use your list to locate the issues and move confidently forward in solving them. All in all, car shipping checklists are helpful, and you’ll benefit greatly from using them. 

Vehicle Haul Is Happy to Help!

After reading this article, you are ready to make your own car shipping checklist and prepare well before this process. Vehicle Haul is happy to help you with auto transport, and you just need to let them do what they have done the best for more than 15 years. So, if you’re looking for a reliable partner in the car shipping industry, look no more and choose one of the best-rated auto transport companies in the USA.

In order to start the process of booking, first, you need to ask for a free price quote and fill out the form on the website, and after that, you’ll get all the required information. Vehicle Haul offers open car shipping, and many other services, for your best vehicle shipping experience.

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