Floridians! This Is How You Can Turn Your Junk RV Into Money

Whether your RV is weathered and worn beyond usability or it needs more TLC than your wallet can afford, it’s not without value. All RVs, no matter how much care you give them, will eventually fall into the category of junk. Fortunately, you can still turn your junk RV into money.

Getting cash for junk RVs in Florida is easier than you might think. We’ll highlight a few of the avenues you can follow to sell yours. From Alligator Alley to the Panhandle, unloading your junk RV is a breeze.

Is My RV Considered Junk?

Sometimes it’s easy to know if your RV is junk. Flood-damaged rigs caused by hurricanes or half-rotted paper-thin roofs from the brutal Sunshine State’s sun are sure signs of a junk rig. However, some that appear pristine could hide expensive necessary repairs, which also puts them in the less-than-desirable category. Junk RVs have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Severe cosmetic damage
  • Over 100,000 miles
  • Older than a decade
  • Repairs equal to or costing more than the rig’s value

How To Sell Your Junk RV in Florida

Unloading a weather ravished or simply too-old-to-use RV might at first seem like a waste of time. Most used RV sales are those that are still looking good and have plenty of life left in them. Fortunately, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and there are ways to sell your trashed rig that’ll put some cash in your pocket. Here are some of the best ways to sell your junk RV.

Junkyard Sale

Junk and salvage yards in Florida can be an easy way to sell your junk RV. Many will purchase RVs and fifth wheels in any condition. They’ll purchase them to salvage for sellable parts, components, and scrap metal. However, not all will offer free pick-up and towing, and the price can vary greatly between businesses. Some will even purchase rigs with a salvage title.

Internet Sales and Word of Mouth

Online sales can sometimes generate a sale for your wrecked rig. There’s a buyer for everything, but it’s important when advertising your RV online to be as transparent as possible. Note any and every issue it has along with details about its title. Most individuals purchasing difficult-to-sell RVs won’t touch anything unless it has a clean title.

It can be beneficial to talk to campground owners or even other RV enthusiasts about your rig. Some may be interested in purchasing yours to use for spare parts or for other projects.

Specialized RV Dealer

For an easy sale, regardless of your RVs condition, is to contact a Florida specialized RV dealer. These businesses will purchase any RV, running or not, and will offer you the best price. Flood-damaged, beat-up, or those that have racked up the miles, are all of interest to specialized RV dealers. They’ll offer you a price and come to you and haul yours away, leaving you with cash in your pocket.

What To Do Before You Sell Your Junk RV

To keep the selling process as simple as possible, it’s important to have the rig’s title, or at the very least, some other type of proof of ownership such as a sales receipt or even a handwritten bill of sale. Without a title, a private sale could be impossible, although specialized dealers will sometimes purchase rigs without it.

Other than finding proof of ownership, the only other thing you should do before showing a buyer your RV or handing over ownership is to remove all personal items. Ensure that you’ve removed everything that’s not included in the sale. This can include sentimental items along with anything of value that you either intend to sell or use in another RV.

Turn Your Junk RV Into Cash: Final Words

No matter how your RV turned into junk, there are still several ways you can sell it and turn that trash into treasure. Internet sales are always a possibility, as are word-of-mouth sales. These could take time or prove to be fruitless.

For a guaranteed sale at the best price, contact a Florida-based junk RV dealer. They’ll give you the most money for your wreck, come and haul it away for free, regardless of its condition.

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