How CarGuard Administration Can Help Save Your Road Trip

Imagine: you’re driving out in the Sierra Nevada, having a great time with your family and friends on a classic American road trip. Suddenly, disaster strikes in the form of an unexpected breakdown on the road. Not only is your trip derailed, but now you have to worry about the cost of getting your car fixed. For many people, this is a cost they can’t afford to pay. However, a vehicle protection plan may be the best solution for getting their car—and trip—back on the road. 

Having a vehicle protection plan offers some big advantages if you plan on traveling long distances with your family. One of the most obvious is that this kind of plan covers your vehicle repairs, and with the rising complexity of cars, this can be an extremely valuable guarantee to have. It may significantly reduce the amount you have to pay, especially as your car gets older.

We’re going to use this article to understand more about how travelers to destinations close by and far away may benefit from having a vehicle protection plan.

Is a Vehicle Protection Plan Good for Traveling?

There are quite a few reasons that car owners might benefit from having a vehicle protection plan from a company like CarGuard. No matter how far you drive, if you’re using your vehicle, it’s crucial to have the best protection possible to ensure that your vehicles are always on the road and you can actually get to your destination.

You might think that’s where your insurance comes in, but in most cases, insurance doesn’t help unless you’ve had an accident. 

If your car breaks down, you’re stuck until the vehicle can be repaired — but that’s not the case if you have a good vehicle protection plan. This will give you access to a rental vehicle that you can use until yours is fixed. This means you and your family can get started on that vacation with a minimal amount of disruption, whether it’s an hour-long drive or a cross-country road trip.

The most important aspect of a vehicle protection plan, however, is that it covers the costs of repairs. It’s alarming how quickly these repairs can add up, especially now that cars contain such complicated electronic systems. When something goes wrong, diagnosing and repairing it gets expensive fast. Finding the problem can take even longer, eating into your valuable vacation time, especially if you’re using your PTO.

However, a vehicle protection plan covers many of the important parts of the vehicle and will pay for the replacement of these parts when they go wrong. It’s much easier to plan for these finances because you’ll have a fixed cost for your vehicle every year, rather than the uncertainty and fluctuation of different repairs to deal with. With a vehicle protection plan, paying out of pocket isn’t a problem.

This allows you to set aside the necessary funds and reduces the chances of suddenly facing big bills to get your vehicles running again. The older your vehicles are, the more significant this is likely to be. Don’t let concerns about your vehicle’s age stop you from traveling to see friends and loved ones far away!

Furthermore, for trips that involve a lot of long-distance travel, coverage plans can introduce a high degree of flexibility. Protection plans tend to allow you to get your vehicle repaired at a range of reputable businesses, meaning you can access this service even if your truck or car is a long way from home. You don’t need to get them towed back just to fix them.

Another reason to consider a vehicle protection plan is that it can increase the resale value of your vehicles because it demonstrates that the vehicles have been well cared for and indicates that work is likely to have been done on them whenever it was needed. 

You can encourage buyers to trust your vehicle, so if you ever do decide to sell your car, you may get a better price for them.

There are a few other factors to consider, like the peace of mind you’ll gain and the ability to tailor your plan to your needs. These are all good reasons for families to take out vehicle protection plans, even if there’s no big trip planned.

A car owner that CarGuard can help drives in her car on a trip

What Are CarGuard Vehicle Protection Plans Like?

There are lots of options on the market, and CarGuard Administration is a reputable and affordable choice for families to consider. They provide various tiers of coverage, so you may be able to find something that suits your business needs.

For example, you might want to consider the Platinum plan, which is the most comprehensive option. It covers a wide range of car parts, including:

  • The engine
  • The cooling system
  • The fuel system
  • The drive axle
  • The turbo supercharge
  • The braking components
  • The A/C
  • The steering
  • The seals and gaskets
  • The transfer case
  • The electrical components

It’s also worth noting that CarGuard’s vehicle protection plans come with roadside assistance and rental cars, meaning that if you break down, you can get back underway as soon as possible. The rental car will be available immediately, so you can continue to your destination and continue enjoying time with your family while your vehicle is being repaired.

This is true for all of the protection plans CarGuard offers, including their cheapest packages. There are a variety of options, so you may be able to find something that suits your needs and your price range.

If you’re taking out a vehicle protection plan from any company, always make sure you fully understand what is and isn’t covered, so you can satisfy your requirements and ensure you have the coverage you need.


As you can see, vehicle protection plans offer a lot of benefits to families. While a vehicle protection plan can ensure your dream road trip goes off without a hitch, there are benefits for staying at home as well. If you depend on your car to work reliably in any capacity, consider getting a vehicle protection plan, or even a prepaid maintenance plan. It will give you fixed costs, peace of mind, and let you go on those road trips worry-free.

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