The Ultimate Guide To Prevent Car Shipping Scams In 2023

Over the past few years, the incredible growth of the shipping industry has given opportunities for several fraudulent and deceptive shipping companies to take unfair advantage of customers across the globe.

The internet has undoubtedly made things simpler and more accessible for customers looking for auto transport company services. However, it has also increased the chances of customers falling into the trap of car shipping scams. Negligence or even minor mistakes while finalizing your services can encourage scamsters to conduct fraudulent activities. Therefore, when searching for auto shipping services, avoid giving your personal information and details that can potentially result in scams.

Whether you are looking for interstate or international shipping services, it is extremely important to stay informed about potential auto transport scams. In this article, we will walk you through everything that will help you expand your knowledge to prevent common car shipping scams on the internet.

Let us first learn about some of the most common shipping scams you might come across online.

What are the most common car shipping scams?

If an auto transport shipping company possesses either of the below pointers, you should look for other available options.

1. Unrealistic prices

Most customers get easily excited and fooled by misleading companies offering services at unrealistic and appealing prices. Before you finalize services, ensure to check several auto shipping quotes online. This will help determine the ongoing rate of different shipping services for a particular region or country.

2. No license and registration certificate

A genuine and reliable car shipping company will never deny sharing their motor license number and registration certificate with their customers. Registration certificates and shipping license act as proof that the shipping company is performing its business activities according to government rules and regulations.

3. Prepaid services

Always deny giving the entire shipping fee before your shipment. A reliable and reputable shipping company will never ask you to pay more than 50% of the entire shipping charge. Deposits help shipping companies arrange trucks/trailers before the shipment process and cover their additional costs. 

4. Poor customer service

One of the common signs of misleading shipping companies is poor and unsatisfactory customer service. Such companies don’t pay attention to their customer’s grievances and concerns and might not even fulfill the services on desired dates. You should avoid getting involved with companies having poor reviews and bad customer service.

How do I avoid auto transport scams?

Now, let us look at some effective ways to avoid auto transport scams on the internet.

1. Conduct appropriate research

In-depth research can always help in determining the true intentions of the service providers and information that is readily not available anywhere else. Have a background check about their years of experience in the industry, market image, and more to learn about their services.

2. Seek referrals

To avoid searching for hours for potential service providers, consider seeking referrals from your friends, neighbors, and family members who have recently hired shipping services. Ask them about their experience and whether they will prefer the same service provider in the future or not.

3. Check online reviews

There are several reviewing websites offering detailed reviews and information about famous car shipping companies across the US. You can visit these websites to learn more about their services and work culture before finalizing your services.

4. Hire registered and licensed companies

As mentioned above, registration certificates and shipping licenses are proof that shipping companies run their business as per the rules and guidelines imposed by the government authorities. Check their license validation period before confirming their services or handing over your car.

5. Compare shipping quotes

Most shipping companies allow their customers to get free accurate instant car shipping quotes using the car shipping costs calculator on their websites. It is extremely simple to use these calculators. All you need to do is fill in the necessary information mentioned on their website and wait for a couple of minutes or seconds to get your free shipping quotes.

6. Read the contract thoroughly

Most customers fall into the trap of shipping scams due to carelessness and lack of awareness. Your shipping contract contains significant details about the shipping process and services offered by the company. If your contract contains certain information or pointers that are not in your favor, you might lose thousands during legal battles. Read your contract carefully and look for loopholes.

7. Know your driver’s qualifications

If possible, visit your service provider in person before shipment confirmation. This will help you learn more about their work culture and allow you to interact with the other staff. On interaction with staff and drivers, try to ask about their qualifications and experience in the shipping industry. Avoid handing over shipping responsibilities to companies with less than five years of experience.

Always ask for different payment options and price structures to know the services you are paying for. Avoid hiring services that are beyond your budget.

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