Unique Facts About Window Tinting to Blow Your Mind

Car tinting has been around for a long, long time. However, many people fail to realize just how complex the history of car window tinting is. For those who love interesting facts, here are some unique facts about window tinting to blow your mind:

Hybrid Films are Commonplace

Window tinting technology is continually evolving, and new features are being created to make it more efficient and affordable. In Texas, practically all auto tinting businesses now offer hybrid window films. To keep you more comfortable and safe while driving, it may have a combination of metal, ceramic, and other heat-blocking particles. Knowing the history of car window tinting will help you identify which is good and which has improved in quality.

The Legacy of Spray-On Tinting

Although consumers were already aware of its advantages, there weren’t many automobile window tinting businesses in the 1960s. Fortunately, a small industry created a DIY spray-on window film, and it quickly became a popular substitute for those with lower incomes. In those years, dye-based films were developed, however, they don’t reflect heat as well as the original.

Privacy Boosting Powers

When you’re driving, or when you’ve parked your car in a lot, you want to keep your privacy and ensure you are not an easy target for would-be thieves. No matter where you are, your personal privacy is always protected with car tint. Not only that, but it also protects your possessions inside your car when you’re not there. Additionally, it increases your central privacy because the glass prevents outsiders from peeping into the car.

Tinting and Temperature 

Tinting actually has a tangible effect on the temperature of your car’s interior. Car tints can hold onto heat from the sun during bitterly cold winter days. This makes your car’s interior feel warmer. In Texas, it functions much like thermal window film. But throughout the summer, it largely shields the sun’s heat. As a result, it keeps you cool on hot days.

Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Secure

Driving is a dangerous activity if you’re not aware, and properly prepared. Thankfully, window tinting can help you out in this area. In addition to helping to reduce glare while you’re driving, tinted car windows also significantly lessen the sun’s UV rays and their harmful effects on your skin, not to mention the harm they can cause to your interior or furnishings.

Tint Comes in Many Colors

The majority of colored window films are actually only dyed a particular color. Almost any color may be created for automotive window film, however the most popular ones are charcoal, black, gray, bronze, and gold. Red, blue, and amber automobile window tint is illegal in many US jurisdictions; nonetheless, it is necessary to verify with your state or province to find out which colored window films are permitted.

Tinting is Used in Many Ways

Tinting has been used for decades, and not only for cars. In fact, there are tons of places where tinting is used to keep you safe, comfortable, and secure. While tinted windows are perhaps most common in automobiles, they are also a terrific alternative for your house or place of business. At home, at work, and on the road, seclusion, reduced glare, and UV ray reduction are all beneficial features.

It’s Great for Your Car’s Longevity

Did you realize that in the upcoming years, the heat of the sun can ruin your upholstery? The window tint stops the interior décor from fading because tinted glass is designed to protect the sun from degrading the condition of your car’s fixtures. Alongside this, in the event of an accident, window tinting prevents the glass from breaking suddenly. The occupants in the car feel more secure as a result of this. You should anticipate significant time savings thanks to the paper film that has been put into your pricey windscreen.

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