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What is a Full Suspension bike?

Suspension is one of the most important features of mountain bikes. It is also available in some hybrid bikes, but mountain bikes have special suspensions. Suspensions have a spring-like mechanism that helps in giving the rider a smooth riding experience irrespective of the terrain.

It acts as a foam and soaks all the shock that the rider of the bike might feel while riding on a mountain or an uneven surface. If you like to ride on mountains then you must get a full-suspension mountain bike for a better experience.

Suspensions not only prevent shocks, but they also help in giving better control on the bike on uneven terrains. It helps in maintaining the balance of bikes on mountains. It provides faster rides on downhill or flat terrains.

In this article, we will tell you about full suspension bikes, whether they are the right choice for you, and full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars.

Full Suspension Bike: Is it For You?

Full suspension bikes are especially made with better suspensions to provide smooth rides on mountains. Mountain bikes are specifically full suspension bikes. If you want to know whether full suspension bikes are for you or not, let’s find out.

Are You Willing To Spend Much More Than a Normal Bike?

While road bikes or hybrid bikes are quite cheap. Full suspension bikes can be expensive. If you have that much money and you are ready to spend that money on a full-suspension bike then you can get one.

Are You a Professional Biker?

If you’re a professional biker or want to ride on technical terrains then only we will suggest you get a full suspension bike. If you live in the city and ride on even surfaces only then a road bike or a hybrid bike would be a better option for you. Investing in a full-suspension bike would be a waste of money. 

Do you Want More Speed and a Comfortable Ride?

The main purpose of suspensions is to soak up all the shocks that would occur due to bumps or uneven terrain. So, if you want a more comfortable ride, then you can get a full-suspension bike. The suspensions also provide good balance and speed, so if that is your priority, you can definitely get a full-suspension bike. 

Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 2000 dollars

If you want to buy a full-suspension bike but are tight on budget, don’t worry. Here we’ll cover the best full suspension mountain bikes under 2000 dollars.

1. Vitus Mythique

Key Features:

  • Fork- 130mm Travel
  • Frame size- S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material- Aluminum
  • MTB Type- Full Suspension Trail Bike
  • Shock- 130 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size- 27.5”/29”

Vitus Mythique is one of the most amazing and pocket-friendly bikes when it comes to full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars. It has a modern, sleeky design which looks very attractive under this price range. This bike comes with an alloy frame and fusion forks.

2. Ghost Kato FS Base

Key Features:

  • Frame Material- Aluminum
  • Brakes- Shimano Hydraulic Brakes
  • Wheel Size- 27.5”
  • Shock- 130 mm Travel
  • WTB Tires
  • SRAM SX 12 Speed Groupset

This is also a very good bike under the range of full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars. Ghost Kato FS Base is a very lightweight aluminum bike so you can easily carry it along with you if you’re going on a trip. It has a Suntour XCR Coil Fork, which gives it 130 mm of suspension.

3. Marin Rift Zone 27.5 1

Key Features:

  • Fork- 130 mm Travel 
  • Frame Size- S, M, L, XL
  • Frame Material- Aluminum
  • MTB Type- Full Suspension XC Bike
  • Shock- 120 mm Travel
  • Wheel Size- 27.5”

This bike has great performance and is extremely affordable. It is the lightest bike for under $2000 so you can carry it along with you. This bike comes with a 130 mm Travel RockShox fork and 120 mm Travel rear shock. It helps in giving a good speed on uneven terrains.

4. DiamondBack Atroz 1

Key Features:

  • Brakes- Mechanical Disk
  • Frame Material- Aluminum Alloy
  • Frame Sizes- 16/18/20
  • Derailleur- 21 Speed Shimano
  • Wheels- 27.5”
  • Weight- 32 lbs
  • Fork- 120 mm Travel
  • Shock- 110 mm Travel

If you are looking for full suspension mountain bikes under 1000 then this could be the perfect choice for you. In case you’re starting with mountain biking then you can go for this bike. Usually, the full suspension bikes of this range don’t have all the features of a mountain bike, but this one is an exception.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need suspensions in a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes have full suspension because they are used to riding on bumpy roads or uneven terrains. Suspension acts as a foam and soaks all the shock and provides a smooth bike riding experience. It also helps in maintaining balance and speed on mountains.

Can I get a full suspension mountain bike for under 1000 dollars?

Well, Yes. There are some brands that make good full suspension bikes under the price range of $1000. You can go for bikes like DiamondBank Atroz 1 or Polygon Siskiu D5 Dual Suspension mountain bike if you have a budget of $1000.

At Last

Full suspension bikes are amazing. They provide a shock-less biking experience to the rider, even while riding on a mountain or uneven terrain. If you want to buy a good full suspension bike but are tight on budget then we have already told you about the best full suspension mountain bike under 2000 dollars. You can buy any of them as per your priorities.

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