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2022 Honda Civic Touring- All Rounder Sedan

The 2022 Honda Civic Touring is the world’s very popular and compact sedan. The 2022 Civic receives a TCC Rating of 7.0 out of 10 before a final safety score is tabulated, thanks to softer styling, a jazzy inside, and excellent ride and handling.

The 2022 Civic Touring is less daring in appearance, but it boasts a new, entertaining interior that emphasizes simplicity. The Civic’s has a very smooth ride and handling.


The revamped Honda Civic for 2022 has a new, higher-quality interior and leaner, less overly detailed appearance. The sedan now has a a more boxed-off rear end and lower front end. It’s only grown 1.4 inches in length, yet from afar, it seems like a mid-size automobile. The hatchback is 4.9 inches shorter than the sedan, with most of its differences occurring in the rear side of Civic.

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2022 Honda Civic Touring
  • The best-of-the-best The Touring model has ventilation controls that operate crisply like those on a high-end espresso machine, making it seem far more costly than the $30,265 price tag suggests.
  • The dials direct airflow via dashboard vents, which vanish into a hexagon honeycomb strip that runs the length of the interior.
  • Their directional joysticks click with a pleasing ‘click,’ as if they were superbly built small manual transmissions from a German toymaker.


Touring and Sport Touring versions include a 9.0-inch touchscreen, as well as a 10.2-inch digital gauge display. Metal accents on several of the controls and a fingerprint-resistant substance on the central console distinguish the lower trim levels. The top and bottom halves are separated by a smooth, uninterrupted mesh screen that conceals the vents.

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The Civic Touring, weighing 3,077 pounds, represents the other, more enjoyable end of the performance range. Its 1.5-liter turbo-4 produces 180 horsepower, an increase of 6 horsepower, and 15 pound-feet of torque over the 2021 model. It has a similar feel to last year’s turbo version, but with more confidence power levels.


There is enough capacity inside for four big people, with enough for a fifth in the back seat. The Civic’s Touring front seats might need a little extra cushioning, but they’re generally plush—and the view out is awesome. The utility meter is also tallied by trunk capacity and rear-seat room.


  • Automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, and active lane control are standard on every 2022 Civic.
  • The costliest models include blind-spot monitors and parking sensors.
  • Driver-assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and adaptive cruise control with lane-keeping assist will be standard.
  • New interior design is fantastic
  • Improved gas mileage
  • Exceptional quality
  • Improved security features
  • Touchscreen, 9.0-inch
  • For better or worse, mature style
  • Wireless Android Auto isn’t available
  • Android Auto Multimedia appears seems to be out of date
  • Better lumbar support is required

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