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Top 8 Best Oil Stop Leak Additives Of 2023

The repairs for the best oil stop leak on the market may be rather pricey. Fortunately, a little amount of oil may occasionally be prevented from leaking by using an additive. Here is a list of the eight greatest oil leak prevention additives that you can purchase. Engine oil stop leak are an unavoidable and common issue with automobile powertrains. Regardless of how well you maintain your car, you will most certainly run into this problem at some point. In addition, oil leaks are a common problem, and the majority of automobiles have some degree of experience with them. 

When they do occur, oil leaks are an annoyance that, once repaired, maybe a time-consuming problem to resolve. If you have an older automobile, the most ideal strategy to deal with this problem is to take precautions to guarantee that it does not occur. You may prevent leaks from happening in your car by using oil additives, which are available at most auto parts stores.

If you are looking for the greatest oil leak-stop additives, you will find this article to be of tremendous assistance to you. This article provides assessments of the top eight best oil stop leak additives that are available to purchase for your vehicle. You may learn more about these additives and how they might be able to assist you in preventing oil leakage issues by reading the guide.

Best Engine Oil Stop Leak Additives on The Market (Top Picks)

#1. Best Oil Stop Leak Additive Overall: Lucas Oil

#2. Best Premium Pick: BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

#3. Best Budget Pick: STP High Mileage Oil Treatment

#4. Definitive Choice: Bar’s Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive

#5. Affordable Winner: ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks

#6. Prime Select: NO LEAK Engine Oil Stop Leak

#7. Best Value: Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver

#8. Elite Option: Permatex Spray Sealant

Best Oil Stop Leak For Car Engines (Reviews & Buying Guide)

When it comes to maintaining the health and performance of your car engine, finding the best oil stop leak is crucial. Oil leaks can lead to various issues such as reduced lubrication, engine damage, and even potential breakdowns. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive reviews and buying guide for the best oil stop leak products on the market. Our team of experts has extensively researched and tested various options to narrow down the top recommendations. In this guide, you will find detailed reviews of each product, highlighting their features, performance, and effectiveness in sealing oil leaks.

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#1. Lucas Oil

best engine oil stop leak

Lucas is a well-known brand all over the world, renowned for its adaptability as well as its performance. The engine oil made by Lucas Oil helps to prevent corrosion and is suitable for use in any vehicle. The oil addition is compatible with petroleum, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oils, so you may use it with any of them. All of the seals may be revitalized by the addition of the oil without causing any damage or corrosion to the engine. Oil pressure is increased by using the Lucas engine oil additive, which also results in a reduction in the amount of noise produced by the engine. Your engine will run with a minimum of noise, satisfying the preference of the vast majority of consumers. You can get the most out of this 32-ounce unit, which will last for a considerable amount of time on its own. In addition, this is a highly versatile substance, which means that it has other uses outside only preventing oil leakages.

After applying the oil additive, you will notice a considerable difference in the performance of your engine as a direct result of this improvement. If you are looking for an oil additive that does not break the bank but yet delivers excellent results, Lucas Oil Engine Oil is the one that will serve you best.

  • A superior oil for your engine’s smooth operation.
  • Use in a myriad of settings, including ships, factories, and cars.
  • Formulations developed specifically for certain applications.
  • The ability to tolerate high temperatures and pressures.
  • Effects that persist for a while, providing safety for a while.


  • Enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the engine.
  • Extends the working life of machines and vehicles.
  • Improves MPG, which might lead to savings on gasoline costs.
  • Cleaner operations are possible due to the decreased emissions.
  • Reputable name-brand product with a history of satisfied customers.


  • Costs may be high when compared to other available options.
  • Depending on where you live and the specifics of the product, its availability may change.

#2. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak

best oil stop leak

This list’s top recommendation is the Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak, which earns that distinction despite its hefty price tag on the virtue of the remarkable outcomes it achieves in terms of performance. Blue Devil is the brand that you should go with if there are no concerns about cost and you want to choose one of the top best oil stop leak additives that also has a high level of performance. The Blue Devil additive offers a long-term answer to problems associated with oil seepage. The additive is not only user-friendly in terms of its application but also guarantees its safety. This additive is quite flexible because it functions well in both gasoline and diesel engines. When using this additive, the safety of the vehicle and the well-being of the engine will not be jeopardized in any way.

Blue Devil has been a successful player in this industry for many years and consistently provides its patrons with cutting-edge and contemporary goods. The formulation that was employed in the production of this product is very effective and in no way harmful to the motor. Even though it has the highest price tag of all of these items, the additive is not prohibitively expensive. When you apply the additive to fix the leaks in your engine, you won’t have to worry about any clogging either.

  • Concocted to put an end to and prevent engine oil leaks.
  • Adaptable to any motor oil formulation.
  • O-rings, seals, and gaskets all have leaks.
  • Restores seals that have dried up or become worn.
  • It’s compatible with both gas and diesel engines.


  • Simple to use; no specialized knowledge or equipment is needed.
  • Can save money by avoiding expensive breakdowns or engine wear.
  • Facilitates conservation efforts and decreases oil use.
  • Able to work with a wide range of engine types and soil types.
  • Can add years to the life of engines that have seen a lot of use.


  • The effectiveness might be affected by factors such as the size and nature of the leak.
  • It may be incompatible with certain engine components.

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#3. STP High Mileage Oil Treatment

best engine oil stop leak additive

One of the alternatives here that are particularly kind to one’s wallet is the STP HIGH Mileage oil treatment. Despite the inexpensive cost, the performance is amazing, and the device comes highly recommended by many people. If you have any leaks, however little, you should use this product. This additive is effective in older engines that exhibit only slight oil stains and leaks when used. Using the STP, you can also eliminate minute oil leakages into the cylinders of the vehicle that are caused by the piston rings. As a result, smoke is avoided, and the performance of the engine is maintained. You will discover that it is highly effective provided that the directions on how to use the additive are followed appropriately. For it to function correctly, the appropriate quantity of oil must be applied.

STP is the ideal addition for high-mileage engines, and you may use it in your vehicle. However, when it comes to reconditioning seals on modern automobiles or fixing particularly large leaks, the additive might be difficult to apply. If you are operating with a very limited budget, this additive might assist you in preventing leakages for a short period until you go for thorough maintenance.

  • Developed with high-mileage cars in mind.
  • It’s a special concoction designed to revive seals and cut down on oil use.
  • Additives help reduce engine wear and boost power.
  • Protects from buildup and aids in lowering friction.
  • Adaptable to any motor oil formulation.


  • Helps long-distance vehicles’ engines last longer.
  • Lessons on oil waste and seepage.
  • Enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the engine.
  • Prevents damage from occurring over time.
  • It’s cheap and simple to use.


  • It’s possible that it won’t fix major engine problems.
  • There may be a marginal increase in oil viscosity for certain users.

#4. Bar’s Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive

best oil stop leak

The Bar’s Leaks oil stop leak additive is among the goods on this list that is considered to be among the most effective. This additive is used for seals that are difficult to replace if they get damaged. The application of the additive is quite simple, and one does not need to be a trained specialist to utilize it. This is a really simple answer to all of the issues you have been having with oil leaking. The additive will not only restore the rear main seal but will also take care of any additional leakages that may have occurred. The cost-effectiveness of this component is without a doubt its strongest selling point. When users are seeking a practical solution to seal their leaks, they do not need to be concerned about the cost of such solutions. The additive is compatible with all kinds of oils, including high mileage, synthetic, and traditional oils, and may be used with any of them.

The activation period for Bar’s Leaks is rather quick, making it a highly user-friendly addition. This indicates that the performance may be evaluated in a matter of a few hours after the oil stop leak ingredient has been added to the oil. In addition, the additive does not have any potentially hazardous substances that, over time, might cause the engine to get worn out or damaged.

  • Specifically made to seal and prevent engine oil leaks.
  • Compatible with any kind of motor oil or engine.
  • O-rings, seals, and gaskets all have leaks.
  • Aids in the repair and revitalization of aging or broken seals.
  • Able to work with either gas or diesel engines.


  • Simple to use; no specialized skills or equipment needed.
  • Can save money by avoiding expensive breakdowns or engine wear.
  • Aids in preserving oil reserves and decreasing oil use.
  • Useful for a large variety of automobiles and motor oil types.
  • Can add years to the life of engines that have seen a lot of use.


  • The effectiveness might be affected by factors such as the size and nature of the leak.
  • It may be incompatible with certain engine components.

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#5. ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks

best oil stop leak

The ATP automotive re-seal prevents leaks is yet another excellent product that may be considered a contender for the title of finest oil stop leaks additives. Because of their outstanding efficacy, oil-stop leak additives manufactured by ATP, another well-known firm, are often suggested to customers. The addition is very effective at achieving its intended purpose, which is to protect against corrosion, leakages, and rust. After using this solution, you will notice that the leakages have stopped within a few hours since the additive has a very quick activity period. There won’t be any problems with resealing any of the seals that were broken early in the process. By using this additive, worn-out engines that have rubber seals and gaskets may be revitalised and brought back to life.

Rejuvenating hydraulic systems, transmissions, and power steering are additional benefits of using the additive. The additive has a very long shelf life because only a tiny quantity is needed for each unit of six quarts. This additive is compatible with power steering fluids, gear oil, traditional oils, and synthetic oils; you may use it with any of them. Because it does not include any Petroleum Distillates, the additive does not cause the seals to deteriorate over time.

  • Engines, gearboxes, and power steering are just some of the automobile components that might benefit from having their leaks sealed.
  • Designed to revive seals and gaskets, making them more leak-proof.
  • Engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid are just a few of the automotive fluids that work with this.
  • Reduces fluid loss, which helps recover and maintain peak system performance.
  • Simple to use, and you don’t need to be a mechanic to utilize it.


  • Reduces expenses by avoiding repairs or replacements of expensive parts.
  • Helps vehicles last longer by sealing up potential leak points.
  • Raises the system’s effectiveness and efficiency as a whole.
  • Assists in keeping fluid levels where they need to be for maximum performance.
  • Functions as a stopgap in the case of a leak.


  • The effectiveness might be affected by factors such as the size and location of the leak.
  • There is a remote possibility that it won’t work with certain car parts and systems.

#6. NO LEAK Engine Oil Stop Leak

best engine oil stop leak additive

NO LEAK is an oil additive that is designed to stop leaks and is suitable for all sorts of automobiles and engines. Customers are drawn to a product based on how well it meets their needs. The rubber seals that are found in the engine may be made more pliable, conditioned, and swollen with the aid of this best engine oil stop leak additive. The formulation of the addition is quite adaptable, and it does not pose any health risks. Gold Eagle, a firm renowned for the superior quality and effectiveness of its goods, is the parent company of No Leak. The design of the preservative container is likewise neither cutting edge nor contemporary in a way that would appeal to the masses. Because the container is transparent, it is possible to determine how much of the additive is contained inside it.

The No Leak additive gets the job done swiftly and effectively while causing no harm to your vehicle’s engine in any manner. To get the desired effect with the addition, a substantial amount of it is not required on your part. A very tiny quantity is all that is necessary to stop the leaks and keep the engine operating without any problems.

  • Designed specifically to seal and prevent oil leaks from engines.
  • Compatible with any engine type or motor oil.
  • O-rings, seals, and gaskets all have leaks.
  • Aids in the repair and revitalization of ageing or broken seals.
  • gas and diesel engine compatible.


  • Simple to use; no specialized skills or equipment needed.
  • Can save money by avoiding expensive breakdowns or engine wear.
  • Helps keep oil levels stable by cutting down on waste and leaks.
  • Useful for a large variety of automobiles and motor oil types.
  • Potentially increases the durability of engines with high mileage or age.


  • The effectiveness might be affected by factors such as the size and nature of the leak.
  • It may be incompatible with certain engine components.

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#7. Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver

best engine oil stop leak

You may use the Liqui Moly motor oil saver product without any prior inspection to detect and repair leaks inside the engine. There can be excessive smoke emissions if there are any faulty seals present inside the motor lead. This issue may be remedied by using the Liqui Moly oil saver. If this is the case, you will most likely notice blue smoke coming from the exhaust of your vehicle. The motor oil saver is a component found in many high-end automobiles, and it plays an important role in the effective operation of the vehicles’ engines. When you use this oil saver, you can ensure that the inside of any car stays in excellent condition. Having said that, given that it does not prevent leaks from the outside, the product may not appeal to everyone.

The fact that this product is so effective at addressing problems from the inside makes it a top pick even though it has just one minor flaw. If you regularly lose oil or burn it up, this oil saver may save you from having to pay for an expensive visit to your repair.

  • Developed to keep oil in the engine and cut down on oil waste.
  • It can work with any engine oil and any make and model of vehicle.
  • Reduces wear and friction by forming a layer on engine components.
  • Restores seals’ elasticity and conditions them to resist oil seepage.
  • Compatible with both gas and diesel engines.


  • Using less oil means less money is spent on oil.
  • Allows the engine to last longer by experiencing less wear and tear.
  • Increases efficiency by decreasing engine friction and maximizing lubrication.
  • Potential to decrease oil use, hence increasing fuel economy.
  • Useful for a large variety of automobiles and motor oil types.


  • The degree and root cause of oil consumption may affect how effective a solution is.
  • Engines with significant mechanical faults or considerable damage may not be good candidates.

#8. Permatex Spray Sealant

best engine oil stop leak additive

The majority of the oil-stop leak additives on this list are in liquid form and can plug significant leaks. However, the Permatex Spray Sealant is a cutting-edge solution that may assist you in preventing tiny leaks outside of your car. Because this is a spray, you may build a barrier by simply spraying a layer of the sealant over the area where the leak is occurring. The Permatex is not a viable option for a long-term solution; nonetheless, it is an excellent choice for satisfying immediate needs. If you are already in the middle of your journey and have noticed some minor oil leaks on the outside of your vehicle, then this solution will prevent you from wasting any more oil until you reach a repair. This quick modification is going to be of great assistance to motorists who drive long distances in their automobiles.

The fact that this spray sealer may be used on a variety of various surfaces is without a doubt the most impressive aspect of the product. When you have a long distance to travel until you locate a mechanic and you need an emergency solution to the leaking to prevent serious damage, you may apply this sealant. Before you apply the coating to the vehicle’s surface, you need to make sure that it has been well-cleaned so that it will adhere well.

  • Developed to work quickly and easily to plug cracks and crevices.
  • Useful on metal, rubber, and plastic, among other materials.
  • Creates a seal that is both airtight and waterproof, sealing off any potential leaks.
  • Resistant to the heat, chemicals, and fluids used in automobiles.
  • Useful inside or out, depending on the setting.


  • Repairs leaks temporarily or in an emergency without taking anything apart.
  • Allows for a wide range of leak types to be sealed in a variety of automobile parts.
  • Quick and simple to implement, minimizing wasted effort.
  • Can stop leaks from causing further harm or degradation.
  • Seals effectively and dries rapidly for dependable use.


  • Short-term solution; long-term replacement or repair may be necessary.
  • Not a good choice for massive leaks that won’t stop without expert help.

How to Find the Best Oil Leak Repair Additives

Additives that halt oil leaks are a useful addition to the routine maintenance you do on your vehicle since they eliminate the risk of abrupt oil leaks. If you are intending to drive somewhere important quickly, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of getting your car to the mechanic. You would save a lot of time, and if you used an effective additive for stopping oil leaks, you wouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of dealing with regular oil leaks.

Even if the majority of the oil leak stop additives could function as intended, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before using them. When searching for the very finest oil leak-stop additives, you need to give careful attention to the important considerations outlined below.

1: Compatibility

When looking for an oil leak stop additive, the first thing that has to be decided is whether or not it is compatible with the vehicle that will be used. It’s not true that all additives are compatible with every make and model of car. Certain formulations may not operate at all with diesel engines and others might not be compatible with synthetic oils. Some formulations could not be suitable with natural oils. In addition, you will discover several additives that are suitable for use with any kind of motor oil and any kind of vehicle.

When selecting the addition, the container itself will have information about which vehicles or oils the additive is compatible with and will guide you in your decision. The guide consists of a variety of different additions that are all compatible with one another.

2: Efficiency

The number of additives that you will use for your car will influence whether or not the product that you have purchased is cost-effective. You need to be aware of how much of the additive you should use as well as how long it will be effective. It is not an effective option if you are required to use a large number of additives in conjunction with your engine oil regularly. Even though the cost of the addition is quite modest, it will still not be financially beneficial for you to purchase it.

A potent revitalizing component is needed in just trace quantities, yet its effects may last for a significant length of time. This would result in significant cost savings, and the aforementioned additions are the only ones that can be accurately described as effective.

3: Activation

Because each addition has its own unique activation time, the engine oil and the additives themselves must be well combined before use. It will take a few hours for the additive to become active once you have added the necessary quantity of it to the engine oil. It is necessary to provide sufficient time for the oil stop leak additive to combine with the engine oil and become active to have any chance of properly repairing the leaks. However, there is a possibility that the quantity that is indicated will not always be sufficient to properly activate the additive.

There are occasions when it is necessary to let the solution flow for about one hundred miles or more to activate to its full extent. The additive will not perform as it is intended to if the activation process is not carried out to its full potential, and the leaks will not be fully repaired.

4: Mineral Spirits

For gasket renewal, petroleum distillates, which are highly well-known chemicals, are used. They can run you quite a bit of money and are not good for your engines in any way. When shopping for an oil-stop leak additive, you need to make sure that the product in question includes petroleum distillates. It is in everyone’s best interest to steer clear of additives that include this chemical since, over time, it may cause damage to the engine system. Be cautious to check for any additional potentially hazardous compounds that might hurt the functioning of the automobile’s engine.

Always go for solutions that won’t have any long-term consequences on your engine and won’t degrade the quality of the formula. If you were to use the incorrect chemical, it would cause more damage to your vehicle’s engine than good.

5: Price

A significant number of individuals have expressed significant worry about the cost of the addition. There is a wide variety of prices for additives, and these differences are mostly attributable to the brand and the formulation of the additives. Even while cost is a significant factor, you still need to consider whether or not the additive you are interested in would be beneficial for the car you drive. It is not true that all low-priced goods are of poor quality, but neither is it true that all high-priced goods are of excellent quality. Everything comes down to the effectiveness of the chemicals that you are considering using in your recipe.

You will be able to locate the finest oil stop leak additives available in a variety of pricing ranges inside the guide, which will assist you in making your selection.

FAQs About Best Oil Stop Leak

Do any oil stop leak products work?

By expanding and softening gaskets and seals, certain oil-stop leak solutions may temporarily fix small leaks. Their usefulness varies, and they should only be relied on as a stopgap measure. If you want to stop the leak for good, you have to repair what’s causing it. It is recommended that you seek the advice of a qualified technician.

Is stop leak bad for engine oil?

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and the proper dose, using a stop-leak product in engine oil is normally safe. Stop leak additives may cause blockages in oil passageways and other problems if used excessively or improperly. To protect the long-term health and efficiency of the engine, stop-leak solutions should only be seen as a temporary remedy, and the real source of the leak should be addressed via thorough repairs or maintenance.

Does a leak stop overheating?

Products labeled as “stop leak” are not meant to prevent overheating, since their primary function is to solve leaks in oil-containing components. Products designed to prevent leaks may help reduce the risk of overheating to some extent, but this is not a sure fix. Overheating may have a variety of causes, including leaks in the coolant system, damaged radiators, or a broken thermostat, all of which need to be identified and fixed for a permanent fix.

How long does the oil stop leaking? 

Several variables, including the nature of the leak, the quality of the oil stop leak product used, and the vehicle’s operating circumstances, may affect how long the product lasts after being applied. The impact may be short-lived, lasting just until the next oil change, or it may be permanent, offering relief for the long haul. Please refer to the product’s packaging or manual for detailed use instructions.

What is the disadvantage of stopping a leak?

Stop-leak products have the drawback of being seen as a stopgap measure at best. Although they are good at stopping leaks of a small kind, they may not fix the underlying problem, such as a worn gasket or seal. Using stop-leak products repeatedly without first repairing the underlying problem might eventually lead to much larger leaks that will need expensive replacement parts.


To reduce oil leaks and ensure that your engine stays revitalized over the long run, it is essential to use additives that are effective in stopping oil leaks. If you use the appropriate additive and apply it correctly, you won’t have to worry about your engine breaking down regularly or leaking fluids because of either of those problems. To prevent the engine from breaking down over time, it is important to maintain the oil clean in addition to applying additives. If you give absolutely no attention to maintenance, then additives by themselves will not be able to prevent oil leaks from occurring in your vehicle. In the same way as frequently used automobiles are affected by the problem, so too are underused autos, maybe to a higher degree. Because of this, you should always have regular maintenance appointments for your vehicles and make sure that the oil is changed at the appropriate intervals.

Your vehicle will operate faultlessly without any problems as long as you take the necessary precautions and use the finest oil-stop leak additives. Find out about the top eight oil leak stop additives that are discussed in the guide, and choose the one that is appropriate for your particular car.

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