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Best Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews in 2023

Do you have a penchant for nature but find that conventional campgrounds lack the excitement of more unique options? Adding rooftop tents for jeep grand cherokee could improve your next camping trip. Locate someplace peaceful and attractive, then park your Jeep for the night. There will be no more need to hunt for the most level, rock-free ground. You can set up camp anywhere with a Jeep roof tent, even in mushy snow or standing water.

How do you pick the best rooftop tent for your needs once you’ve added one to your camping gear? Let’s have a chat about what makes a good jeep rooftop tent.

What tent can be mounted on the top of a Jeep?

If the name didn’t give it away, a Jeep rooftop tent is a tent that is mounted on top of a jeep. If you find this hard to believe, think about everything you can put on top of your Jeeps, such as suitcases, spare tires, petrol cans, and other tools.

The rooftop tents for jeep grand cherokee is collapsible during the day, so it blends in with the rest of your gear. Still, at night, it expands to provide roomy and comfortable sleeping quarters for as many as four people. The Jeep rooftop tent is accessed via a ladder. It features a comfortable foam mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep is not disrupted by the hard, uneven surface below.

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Tents for the roof: a buyer’s guide

Are you having a hard time locating an appropriate car top tent? We’re here to simplify that procedure for you drastically. In this portion of our buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the key considerations you should make. At the same time, you browse, as well as standard pricing and purchasing issues with these interesting buildings.

Advice on picking out a new rooftop tent
  • Be certain that the rooftop tent you intend to buy will fit atop your car in terms of its dimensions and mounting components.
  • Read their reviews of that particular rooftop tent and find out what other people’s experiences have been like.
  • Find a rooftop tent that can accommodate your party size and demands; some are designed for two individuals, while others can sleep five or more.
  • Look for a rooftop tent with installation instructions since this will significantly simplify the procedure.
  • At the very least, your roof-mounted tent needs multiple shelves where you can stow all of your excess equipment.
  • Better safe than sorry; you might purchase a rooftop tent with some manufacturer’s warranty.
  • If you have any concerns about your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the maker.
  • What sort of rooftop tent would best suit your needs?
  • At the moment, customers can choose between hard-shell and soft-shell roof tents. Because of their differences, the final decision will mostly depend on your individual preferences.

Hard-shell rooftop tents

A hard-shell rooftop tent is ideal for the constantly on-the-move traveler. These roof tents are resistant to the elements, the wind, and the shock, and they are easy to set up without any additional equipment. Since the shell is sturdy, you can put your extra gear up top, protecting it from the elements. Unfortunately, these tents on the top of your car tend to be quite expensive.

Soft-shell rooftop tents

In search of cheaper options to traditional hard-shell tents? If so, then you should investigate soft-shell tents for the roof. These designs extend beyond the car’s roof, are available in various configurations, and can manage accessories like awnings. The downsides of these tents are that they collect condensation, create a lot more noise whenever the wind blows, and wear out quickly.

5 Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Top Tents

Roof Top Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews 2023

The top 5 most popular rooftop tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee reviews in 2023. The article contains an overview of the best available models and what features to look for when buying a rooftop tent for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

#1. Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 Rooftop Tent

jeep grand cherokee roof top tent

Thule’s Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 is a great option for a rooftop tent if you plan to camp in a warmer climate. The canopy is made of a polyester and cotton blend that lets in some air even when the doors and windows are closed. However, if Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury, the 600-denier ripstop rainfly is there to protect you. Rooftop tents for jeep grand cherokee is built to carry two passengers. This version is lighter than its larger and sturdier relatives, making it considerably simpler to load and unload from vehicles. Tents 20 or 30 pounds heavier might be significantly more challenging to manage, especially if you plan on raising the tent to chest height or higher.

Although some people enjoy being outdoors in all weather conditions, that is not the case for everyone. The Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 is an excellent tent if you want to camp in a warm, dry climate. Due to its compact design and low weight, this two-person jeep grand cherokee rooftop tent may be easily transported. It’s got a tough rubberized cover for transport, can be put up quickly, and provides a plush memory foam sleeping surface.

  • The maximum occupancy is 2.
  • This jacket is built to last through any season thanks to its 260g polyester/cotton blend & coated 600-denier tear-resistant fabric with water-resistant ventilate coating.
  • Tent material is also resistant to mold and ultraviolet light.
  • Mesh panels provide for increased circulation and ventilation.
  • There are four sizable compartments inside for stowing camping supplies.
  • There’s a plush, high-density foam mattress included.
  • Increase your living quarters and fortify them from the weather by constructing a private annex.


  • The Thule Tepui Explorer Ayer 2 is a more portable, breathable, and user-friendly version of the original Tepui Explorer Ayer rooftop tent.
  • Easy set-up and assembly requirements


  • While some might want a thicker canvas canopy, many people don’t need or want anything so robust.

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#2. Raptor Series Offgrid Voyager Rooftop Tent

rooftop tent for jeep grand cherokee

The Raptor Voyager Rooftop Tent is your quick and simple shelter solution (RTT). Getting behind the wheel and driving away from your routine is one of the best ways to unwind. The Voyager Roof Top Tent is a one-way Raptor that ensures you can bring along some of your favorite home comforts without sacrificing your time spent in the great outdoors. This jeep grand cherokee rooftop tent fabric, a PU-coated 300 GSM ripstop polyester with a UVP rating of 50+, is completely waterproof and ideal for all weather.

Assemble and shut it down in a flash. On the inside, you’ll find a roomy lounge, convenient storage options, and a plethora of hooks for all your gear. There is also a high-density foam mattress with a detachable, washable cover, a rainfly, and net screens for the door and windows. The Voyager’s door and windows fold down from the top to let in fresh air while protecting from the weather. An integrated awning provides a natural panoramic view, allowing you to take in all your favorite camping locations without ever having to leave the comfort of your tent. The aluminum telescopic ladder may be extended to 8 feet and folded into a minimal storage footprint.

Along with this, it has a sturdy nylon PVC cover for safety when being transported or stored. It’s the most portable manual rooftop tent on the market at just 140 pounds. This jeep grand cherokee roof top tent weight restrictions vary depending on the make and model of your car and the roof rack system you have installed.

  • Two-person tent of the standard size, with a high-density foam double/full mattress measuring 78 by 48 inches and a weight capacity of 750 pounds.
  • Designed to repel rain and resist high winds through aerodynamic engineering. There are two rollable shoe and storage pockets for convenience while not in use. Integrated air vents with a speedy-adjust knob. Inside, you’ll find a roomy living area with plenty of convenient hooks for your belongings.
  • The top-hinged doors and windows provide ventilation while keeping the elements out. Screens can be found in every single one of the openings in your home. An integrated awning offers shade and a panoramic vista.


  • The quality is certain, and the warranty lasts for a full year.
  • With its universal mounting brackets, the Voyager RTT can be attached to either the factory roof rack or an aftermarket rack/crossbar combination, making it the ideal camping accessory for various vehicles.


  • It is not entirely waterproof.

#3. Rightline Gear 6-Person SUV Tent, Universal Fit

rooftop tent for jeep grand cherokee

The Rightline Gear SUV Tent provides a comfortable alternative to sleeping on the ground inside your SUV. Camping tents can be attached to the back of any vehicle with a cap, including SUVs, minivans, wagons, and pickup trucks. The huge camping tents have fully-closable windows and doors made of no-see-um mesh and storm coverings for more privacy throughout the day or night. The jeep grand cherokee roof top tent have a light hook, two storage compartments, and reflective zipper pulls that glow in the dark. The camping tents are as easy to take down as they are to set up. To leave the tent behind and embark on the day’s excursions, unplug the vehicle sleeve.

  • The tent can be set up in minutes thanks to its freestanding construction, and it can be left at the campsite while you go sightseeing.
  • Tape-sealed seams on the water-resistant polyurethane fabric prevent rain and dew from seeping inside.
  • No additional ground tarp or footprint is necessary because the bathtub’s polyethylene bottom completely seals any possibility of water infiltration.
  • The sleeve can be fastened to any cap-equipped SUV, minivan, wagon, or pickup vehicle.


  • The heavy-duty nylon straps and buckles are easy to use and won’t scratch your car’s paint job.
  • Poles are color-coded for easy identification and assembly.
  • Tent, rain fly, and carrying case with sewed-in instructions are all included.


  • Only one size is available

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#4. Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 4 Roof Top Tent with Annex

best rooftop tent for jeep grand cherokee

The best roof top tents for jeep cherokee is the Tepui Explorer Autana. This tent is not cheap, especially compared to the other tents on this list. Still, the price is fair if you want a high-quality tent with many features and solid durability for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. The quality of the tent’s construction was given considerable care in its design, in addition to a focus on enhancing the user interface. An attached annex and a fully covered ladder provide this tent with an unrivaled degree of seclusion and excellent protection from severe weather. The maximum occupancy for Autana is three persons. Still, two can fit inside with a lot of luggage and a standing room. In addition, the canopy’s thermal insulation may be adjusted using the proprietary Tepui Zipper Gimp. Among the greatest four-season tents is the Tepui Explorer Autana, which features a removable rainfly for use in inclement weather and several screened panels for optimal ventilation and moisture management. There is ant-mosquito netting over all the windows and doors to keep the little critters out and the mosquitoes. Thanks to its A-frame construction, this tent provided plenty of room to stand up, spread out four sleeping bags, or stretch out.

  • Up to four persons are welcome.
  • A private entrance canopy that may be expanded and detached is included.
  • It’s built to last through any season with a 260g poly-cotton blend and a coated 600 denier.
  • The material used to make tents is impervious to sunlight and the elements year-round.
  • The mesh panels allow for increased airflow and provide great ventilation.
  • The four spacious interior pockets provide ample space for your camping essentials.
  • Includes a supportive, high-density foam mattress.


  • An excellent memory foam mattress is part of this deal as well.
  • The universal racks can be attached to any standard roof rack.


  • The lack of durability

#5. Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Rooftop Tent

jeep grand cherokee roof top tent

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Rooftop Tent comes with a diamond-plated, one-piece foundation that is double-insulated and constructed with marine-grade stainless steel hinges and fasteners. A telescopic ladder that extends to 96 inches and locks with a rope and steel hinges is another standard feature on Nomadic RTTs. All seasons are covered with OVS Roof Top Tents. 600D Heavy Duty Polyester Rip Stop Canvas creates bodies that can withstand extreme situations. The Rainfly is constructed from 420D Heavy Duty Polyester Oxford Waterproof material to shield you and your loved ones from wet weather.

  • Built with a marine-grade 600D ripstop polyester cotton canvas waterproof body and a 420D polyester oxford waterproof rain fly with 110g fade-less gaze breathable windows. Bonuses include a power bank pouch, a hand-held LED light, an LED velcro strip, and a 3″ high-density foam mattress with a quilted cotton cover, an insulated base, marine grade stainless steel hardware, a 1000g transportation cover, a tubular telescoping ladder, six built-in storage pockets, a storage loft, and a telescoping ladder. Pack
  • Roof racks, either OEM or aftermarket, are a must for this use. If you are uncertain about the rack’s weight capacity, please verify it in advance.


  • No drilling or other modifications are needed if your car already has a factory or aftermarket roof rack.
  • Memory Foam Pillows, a Tiny Broom, and a Dustpan are Included in the Tent’s Bonus Pack.


  • Metal shavings in tent.

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FAQs About Rooftop Tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can you put a rooftop tent on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, you can put a rooftop tent on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. You might consider bringing a Jeep Grand Cherokee rooftop tent on your next camping trip. Locate someplace peaceful and attractive, then park your Jeep for the night. There will be no more need to hunt for the most level, rock-free ground.

Do rooftop tents damage the roof?

The typical roof top tents for jeep cherokee has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. According to NYT, that’s about how much a standard rooftop tent weighs when it’s empty. Overstuffing the tent could cause damage to the roof rack or even cause dents in the tent’s roof.

Are rooftop tents worth it?

A rooftop tent is worthwhile if you plan to use it frequently. You can indeed get a standard tent for considerably less money. Still, a rooftop tent offers protection and convenience that regular tents don’t.

Can you sleep in a rooftop tent anywhere?

Put up your tent wherever you’re allowed to camp. Camping may be permitted at campgrounds, in some national parks, or even in certain parking lots.

Can you put a rooftop tent on any car?

Yes! Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs can all fit rooftop tents. Pickup or truck bed racks are ideal for placing your rooftop tent on a van or truck.

Do I need a roof rack for a rooftop tent?

Yes! Vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and vans with rack systems are ideal for mounting rooftop tents.

Why choose Jeep Grand Cherokee tents and awnings?

It would help if you chose best roof top tent for jeep grand cherokee and awnings because they will add perfection to your upcoming outdoor adventure.

Can I remove my Rooftop Tent when I’m not using it?

Yes, your tent is completely detachable.


Are you looking for a fantastic rooftop tent to add additional pleasure to your road trips? Then it would help if you looked at our recommended products and helpful shopping recommendations. Have you ever slept in a tent in your car? Don’t say you haven’t been warned. In that case, take it from us: you’re missing out. Even if you think it’s strange at first, once you try it, you’ll be hooked. A rooftop tent is more convenient than a regular tent since it can be set up on a car’s roof rack without additional equipment.

It’s a great method to escape the earth’s creepy crawlies and draw nearer to the stars above. The best roof top tent for jeep grand cherokee is like having a personal treehouse that you can take anywhere.

How on earth, though, will you choose the best models when there are so many to choose from? You need not fret! We’ve selected some of the best rooftop tents you can buy now, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

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