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The Mitsubishi Mirage is a comprehensive line of automobiles produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi since 1978. Initially, they used to produce hatchback models of cars classified as subcompact cars, but later they launched the compact line of cars as sedan and station wagon models.

In 1988 the lift back was also introduced in the compact line of Mitsubishi Mirage. The current car models manufactured by Mitsubishi Mirage are subcompact and hatchback. The Mitsubishi Colt, which the company initially sold, is now replaced by the lift-back subcompact sedan.

Mitsubishi had used the Mirage name for the previous five generations in Japan. In contrast, other markets around the world used the name Mitsubishi Colt, and other variants of the sedan of Mitsubishi were sold as Mitsubishi Lancer.

The sedan was sold under the nameplate Mitsubishi Lancer in Japan as well. Car Plaza, a specific retail chain, had sold the Mirage in Japan. With the rising demand and popularity of the subcompact lift-back SUVs in Japan, they domestically used the nameplate of Mirage on the sedan. The final car model was called Mirage Dingo but was later discontinued in 2003.

The all-new dynamic and subcompact, uniquely designed Mitsubishi Mirage is back again, launching its new range of cars in the market globally all around the world and is available in various flavors of colors starting exclusively in black. The all-new four-wheeler is ready to set a benchmark yet again.

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Grooving into the interiors of The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage:

Mitsubishi Mirage 2022 Interior
2022 Mitsubishi Mirage Interior

The new stylish and spectacular subcompact automobile is a spacious and comfortable automobile with versatile interiors and the latest tech to keep you grooving. Its small-sized body allows it to crawl through any lane very easily and takes very little parking space.

The car provides you with enough rooms of cargo space so that you and carry as many loads as you want anywhere you are going. Keeping the passenger seats up, they provide a generous space of 17.1 cubic feet for your cargo, and if that is not enough, putting the seats down gives you more space of 47 cubic feet. That is, it reveals 30 cubic feet more massive space.

In the cargo space area, there is also a cargo light so that you don’t have to face any troubles while taking out or keeping your things in the dark or worse, if you misplace anything there; they have taken care of that. Also, if you lift up the cargo floor, they will provide you with an extra tire and a cargo cover that comes on the hatchback.

Moving on to the backseat legroom, which is at least 34.2inches, is giving not much but moderate space to a person whose 5’7 feet tall. They have not installed any armrest or portable charging ports on the backseat nor in the front row column.

The front seats are manually adjustable and come with a SE Trim level that gives you a cloth-leathered finish and quite warm seats. The steering wheel is wrapped in urethane for all trim levels with the beautiful emblem of Mitsubishi Mirage at the centre. On both sides of the steering wheel, they have provided the taping button for all the tech display and media controls.

There is a new front passenger vanity mirror that was not there in the previous range of cars. It has some carbon pattern window switch panels and glosses back switch panels with automatic climate control. You have the USB charging portal, dual cup holders and a manual emergency shift bake.

In the entertainment section, they give the 7 Inch colour touch screen display with Bluetooth, audio streaming and enabled navigation display using the USB and four speakers at all the trim levels.

The versatile and spacious interior with a good range of comfort makes this car a good deal for ten thousand dollars.

Every Design has a story, and this revolves around sophistication:

All New 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage
2022 Mitsubishi Mirage

The all-new Mirage 2022 has an updated version of the front and rear fascists and revised headlights and tail lights. They are launching the black addition with a red horizontal showcase on the front grille, which is available only in chrome in other coloured models. They provide halogen headlights at the front except for the Mirage SE, as they will give full LED headlights.

There are some cutouts down there in the front for the accumulation of the fog lights on the Mirage ES. In contrast, they will have an installed fog light in the Mirage SE and on the black model ES, and the automatic features are in the Mirage SE and the black edition, not on ESs, though.

They have the body-coloured door handle on all four doors and folding side mirrors with turn signal indicators. Then coming down to the wheel configurations, it has 14-inch steel with covers and 15-inch alloys for the black model.

At the rear end of the Mirage, it has the body-coloured spoilers with integrated brake lights and below that, a window wiper and LED tail lights across the board as well.

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When we look underneath the body-coloured hood, we will find 1.2 litres of a three-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 6000 rpm with a 4000 rpm power set coming to the front wheels with a five-speed manual or CVT, 76 horsepower and 100 Newton metres of torque. It is also attached to a CVT to extract as much fuel efficiency as possible.

The Mirage has a fuel efficiency of fourteen kilometres per litre with heavy to moderate-ish traffic. When the car is on the highways, it gives an efficiency of massive twenty-three kilometres per litre. But taking into consideration the acceleration of the Mirage, it would not be highway efficient, and even if it can go up to 60 metres per square second, it’s not keeping it down. There will be a lot of noise.


Mirage is a unique and sophisticated automobile to make a good comment everywhere you go on a low budget. A five-seater with ten years per 100,000-mile warranty at a low cost of fifty thousand rupees seems to be a steal deal to us. They have also taken care of your safety, adding on the standard curtain airbags in the front and seats seat obviously on every seat, also standard automatic emergency braking.

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