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2022 Aston Martin DBS Specs, Price, Top Speed & Features

When it comes to high-performance grand touring vehicles, Aston Martin has traditionally utilized the DBS designation, which will continue to be employed in 2022. The latest DBS, which is based on the DB11, was unveiled for the 2019 model year and had stunning aesthetics and a powerful V-12 engine. This year’s model has been renamed the DBS to distinguish the automobile from its predecessors. It’s still available with a hardtop coupe or a soft-top that folds down.

The 2022 Aston Martin DBS is receiving a new moniker for the 2022 model year: the DBS. A few stylistic tweaks, including new 21-inch wheel designs, have been added to the 2021 model.

2022 Aston Martin DBS Specs

  • Price: $319,125
  • Engine: 5.2 L Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-12
  • Seating Capacity: Four Seater
  • Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Horsepower: 715@6500
  • Torque: 663@1800
  • Fuel Efficiency: 14 MPG in the city, 22 MPG on the highway, and 17 MPG combined
  • Length: 185.5 Inches
  • Height: 50.4 Inches
  • Width: 77.5 Inches
  • Wheelbase: 110.4 Inches

In 2022, what will be different?

The DBS will no longer be known as the “Superleggera” model in 2022, despite nothing else has changed. Pre-configured interior themes dubbed Create, Accelerate, & Inspire are now available for the DBS, each with a distinct appearance and feel. Suppose you’re looking for a more personalized interior. In that case, you’ll still find a seemingly limitless number of choices and amenities in the DBS.

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Powertrain Components and Overall Performance

For the coupe, the DBS can go from 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and 211mph in both coupe & convertible configurations, making it one of the fastest touring cars on the road. An eight-speed automated transmission paired with an a dual 5.2-liter V-12 engine generates 715 horsepower and sends it to the rear wheels via an eight-speed gearbox. The DBS is a joy to drive on twisting roads, even if it’s challenging. Don’t anticipate the same smoothness as in a Mercedes-Benz S-class from the ride.

Real-World Mileage and Fuel Economy

The Lamborghini Huracán and Ferrari F8 Tributo (19 mpg highway) are both better fuel efficiency competitors. Still, the EPA’s 22 mpg highway fuel economy rating puts the DBS ahead of both (18 mpg highway). On our 200-mile road fuel economy testing, we have yet to put the DBS through its paces, but we will update this post with the results if and when we do.

Convenience and Transport

To make your journey more enjoyable, the DBS is equipped with all of the comforts you would expect from a grand-touring sports vehicle. Standard equipment includes heated and memory-adjustable leather-wrapped sports seats. Open-pore ash hardwood, carbon fiber, and satin-finished chrome are all options for the cabin’s trim. Due to the lack of a DBS at our office for testing, we don’t know how much carry-on luggage will fit in the trunk. It’s a good thing Aston Martin has a four-piece personalized baggage set that matches your car’s interior.

Connectivity and Entertainment

The entire system is reasonably straightforward. Bluetooth phone, music streaming, and an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with navigation are standard on all DBS models. A click wheel plus touchpad are supplied on the center console to explore the menus. The stereo comes standard with nine speakers, but purchasers can upgrade to a Bang & Olufsen system.


2022 Aston Martin DBS

We’re all familiar with the term “luxury.” It entices and stimulates us; we are sucked in like a magnet. Aston Martin DBS luxury is simple to describe and see: it is freedom. It’s your right to create the atmosphere that you want, your right to express yourself and your right to have it your way. As a result, you can pick your own DBS cabin. The DBS provides you complete creative control over your new home’s interior design, whether you rely on the impeccable taste of our in-house interior designers or do it yourself from scratch.

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2022 Aston Martin DBS

The Exterior Convention states that form & function are in conflict. The DBS refutes this. The DBS exudes an air of unbridled power and all-around natural beauty with its stunning hexagonal grille. While concurrently fueling the huge 715bhp engine’s ravenous desire for oxygen, this serves as the car’s visual plan. The DBS is the most aerodynamically advanced production vehicle we’ve ever built. The splitters, side sills, and Aeroblade IITM have a real technical function that goes much beyond their muscular look. The Aeroblade IITM, a carbon-fiber fixed blade, is the most noticeable innovation. Aeroblade IITM and the double diffuser work together to regulate and deflect the turbulence that flows down the body side behind the C-Pillar. DBS’s aerodynamic pressure of 180 kg holds it firmly in place on the road, unlike other vehicles, which aim to decrease lift using the Aeroblade IITM and double diffuser. This outstanding mix of stability and handling bolstered a driver’s confidence.

The carbon fiber clamshell bonnet will look at home in a museum as it does on our most powerful production model to date. On the other hand, carbon fiber is used to reduce weight, lower the center of gravity, and evacuate hot air via a pair of sculpted bonnet vents, all of which contribute to the car’s overall performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Aston Martin DBS cost?

The 2022 Aston Martin DBS is one of the most recognizable models in the Aston Martin collection, with its unmistakable craftsmanship. The Aston Martin DBS starts at $316,300 MSRP with the 2022 upgrades.

How many Aston Martin DBS are left?

In 2022 372 units of Aston Martin DBS are left.

Is the Aston Martin DBS fast?

With its 5.2L twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 715 horsepower, the Aston Martin DBS puts drivers in awe. You’ll want to put the pedal to the metal when you see this car’s 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds and a peak speed of 212mph.

Is Aston Martin DBS V-12?

Performance. Engine: The 5935-cc V12 in the DBS has four valves per cylinder and is a four-valve engine. The DBR9 and DBRS9 race vehicles both employ the same engine, but with significant changes.

Is an Aston Martin DBS a good investment?

Yes, if you purchase prudently, an Aston Martin may be a good investment. Some Aston Martins increase in value, indicating that your investment may rise in the proper model and car. We can not promise this, but our experts can advise you to buy intelligently.


The 2022 Aston Martin DBS has a screaming, 715-hp V-12 that propels it into the distance so quickly that bystanders won’t have time to notice its meticulously carved sheetmetal. Aston Martin says that the DBS can reach 211 mph, but it’s more enjoyable to cruise down the Carlo Coast or idle on Rodeo Drive.

A 715-horsepower, 664-pound-feet-of-torque V12 with twin turbochargers and an 8-speed automated transmission stays under the hood. Getting from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. The Ferrari 812 Superfast meets head-to-head with this V12-powered beast, which is also front-engined.

The DBS’s demise is inevitable at this point. Aston Martin has indicated that all-electric models in the near future will replace the DB11 and Vantage, therefore this specific powertrain and design will be phased out. Pricing is projected to stay unchanged for the time being, with a starting price of $305,000.

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