Top 10 Best Affordable Vehicles for Family of 6 in 2022

When ranking the most desirable automobiles for families over the last several years, it has become clear that the greatest automobiles aren’t really vehicles. In reality, these vehicles are crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and minivans. However, this does not mean that a family of four or five cannot fit inside a big car or even a moderate one. However, when you take into account aspects like space, comfort, safety, technology, luggage capacity, and so on, crossovers, SUVs, and minivans come out on top.

In addition, the ability to pull a trailer is often included in the load capacity. A journey that involves a large family may be made much more enjoyable by bringing along a trailer that is packed with luggage or camping supplies. It is possible for the best vehicle for family of 6 be larger crossovers & SUVs to transport and tow more than sedans.

The nine distinct automotive classes that were considered for the 2022 Best Cars for Families award guarantee that there is a vehicle that can meet the needs of families of all sizes and in varying phases of life. We have conducted the necessary research to identify the automobiles that will be most suitable for you, and this is true regardless of the age range of the members of your family who will be riding in them. These honors are given to the best vehicles for family of six 2022 upon sport utility vehicles and minivans that provide the highest levels of protection, dependability, spaciousness, comfort, and technological advancement.

10 Best Vehicles for a Family of Six in 2022

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#1. 2022 Honda CR-V

best vehicle for family of 6 2022

The Honda CR-V was one of the first compact SUVs, and it continues to be regarded as one of the most capable vehicles in its class. It is very much like a Honda small vehicle in terms of its ease of driving and fuel economy, but it comes in the form of a multipurpose SUV. This crossover features a very roomy inside, with plenty of capacity for both passengers and goods, making it one of the roomiest vehicles in its class. The Honda CR-V is an excellent choice for a wide variety of motorists since it is equally at home, serving as a vehicle for everyday commuting, doing errands, or for transporting a small family. In addition, Honda offers a hybrid version of the CR-V, which is covered in a separate review.

The Honda CR-V is among the top vehicles in the class of small SUVs, which is filled with fierce competition. Its primary competitor is the Toyota RAV4, which offers comparable pricing, dimensions, and a set of features. Other top competitors in this sector are the Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, and Chevrolet Equinox. These three vehicles are of the compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV) class.

  • Large enough to accommodate both people and freight
  • Strong and reliable safety technology
  • Secure and dependable in nature
  • The engine that is quick and fuel-efficient
  • Excellent resale value
  • Outdated general information and entertainment system
  • Tows only up to 1,500 pounds at a time
  • There is no off-roading trim

#2. 2022 Kia Telluride

best vehicle for family of 6 with storage

The three-row 2022 Kia Telluride midsize SUV is unquestionably one of the best options available in its segment. It is well-mannered, inexpensive, well-equipped, and large, and, in some people’s opinions, it even looks decent. It is able to back up such assertions with awards that are stored in its figurative trophy case for being the best vehicle for family of 6 2022.

How many people can comfortably fit inside the Kia Telluride? Both the basic LX and the mid-level EX trim have eight seats. In both the S and SX models, the second row of seating is comprised of a pair of captain’s chairs, bringing the total number of back seats down to seven. In the EX, they are not required at all.

  • Spacious
  • Well-equipped
  • Price wars
  • Absolute peace of mind
  • There is no hybrid version

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#3. 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe

best vehicle for family of six

The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe is positioned to compete with other midsize crossover SUVs with two rows of seats, such as the Ford Edge and the Nissan Murano. In addition to being an excellent deal, the Santa Fe boasts an interior that is both comfortable and attractively constructed, and it gets decent gas mileage. This Hyundai SUV has the appearance and cabin quality of a more costly crossover, particularly in the higher trim levels, where it may approach or even enter the realm of luxury.

The Hyundai Santa Fe, a midsize SUV that falls in between the smaller Tucson and the larger Palisade models, is an excellent choice for many different kinds of motorists. The Hyundai Santa Fe is an option to consider if you are looking for an SUV with greater room than a small SUV but do not need seats in all three rows of the vehicle. It also has one of the most affordable beginning costs in its category and an excellent array of basic features, all of which contribute significantly to the value proposition that it offers.

  • Price to begin at a low level
  • Plenty of the basics are covered
  • The available turbo engine is both powerful and efficient
  • Excellent design inside
  • A lavish accent in the form of calligraphy
  • There is a learning curve associated with push-button gear shifts
  • Uninspiring basic engine
  • Some of our competitors provide a more comfortable ride
  • There are no improvements to the XRT model’s mechanical components

#4. 2022 Subaru Outback

best affordable vehicle for family of 6

The 2022 Subaru Outback is a hybrid vehicle that bridges the gap between the crossover and SUV categories. It’s not quite a station wagon and not quite a crossover SUV, but it’s somewhere in between the two. Despite this, it is consistently one of Subaru’s most popular models for being the best affordable vehicle for six. A ride height of 8.7 inches is important for many different situations, not only while driving off-road. Those who live in places where snowfall is a yearly occurrence will appreciate it much more. The maximum ground clearance has been increased to 9.5 inches in preparation for the introduction of the new Outback Wilderness this year. What exactly is meant by the phrase “Subaru Outback Wilderness”? It is equipped with a specific all-wheel-drive system and suspension configuration, all-terrain tires, or under protection, making it the off-road specialist of the line. The sixth version of the Outback, which is the current one, was only released in 2020. Therefore, the technology is quite new. And the level of safety is exceptional.

  • Practicality
  • Standard all-wheel drive
  • Several common safety measures are included in the package
  • High potential for profit from a sale
  • Stop/restart of the engine is a cumbersome process

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#5. 2022 Toyota RAV4

best luxury vehicle for family of 6

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 is capable of doing all of the tasks that the majority of people need of a small SUV or crossover vehicle. And does it well. It should not come as much of a surprise given that Toyota is often credited with inventing this category of the car with the very first RAV4. Therefore, the business has received a significant amount of input from customers and has had sufficient time to improve the formula.

Since its introduction in 1994, the RAV4 has found new homes for more than ten million people, making it not only one of the most popular but also several of the best-selling small crossovers in the whole globe. The fifth generation is the one that is now in use, and it made its debut in 2019. Consequently, this is a little crossover vehicle that utilizes technology that isn’t quite cutting edge but is yet adequately current, and it has the advantage of coming from a distinguished lineage.

  • The inside is roomy
  • Several common safety measures are included in the package
  • Excellent mpg on the highway
  • Reliability and resale prices of Toyota vehicles
  • There is a chance that the cabin will be a little loud
  • Its is one of the more expensive competitors in this class

#6. 2022 Chrysler Pacifica

best vehicle for family of 6

Minivans like the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica act more like an extension of the house than anything else. It provides spacious and pleasant living quarters for a big family. Or seating that is somewhat less comfortable for the greatest number of people it can accommodate. It comes with features such as TV streaming, applications, Wi-Fi, device recharging, storage space, a vacuum cleaner, power outlets, 10 cup holders, and a high level of safety. All of this is powered by a dependable V6 engine, and all-wheel drive is available as an option.

Although it’s true that some purchasers may still think about purchasing a three-row SUV, the convenience of a minivan makes it much simpler to get in & out of the vehicle. In addition, manufacturers have designed their minivans with careful consideration paid to the types of things that would appeal not only to parents but also to their children.

  • There is enough for eight people at this table
  • Equipment of the highest quality
  • Plenty of safeguards are in place
  • Seating that is both comfortable and stylish
  • An all-wheel drive is an option
  • Competitors have a lower starting price
  • The competition’s resale prices are not as high as ours

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#7. 2022 Ford Expedition

best vehicle for family of 6

The full-size SUV version of the 2022 Ford Expedition can accommodate up to eight passengers, drive on the highway, and go off-road. The longer Max variant provides a significant increase in the amount of cargo capacity available, in addition to being a flexible and capacious automobile. Ford has included a new hands-free driving function in the highest trim level of its vehicles to make driving on the highway more convenient. This is also the first year that the Timberline, a brand new off-roading vehicle, will be available. The remaining options vary from being well-equipped to nearly opulent in their features.

This full-size SUV utilizes a fuel-efficient turbo V6 engine, in contrast to the majority of full-size SUVs that use V8 engines. Aluminum was used for some of the panels of the Expedition so that the overall vehicle, which is actually rather substantial, would not seem to be overly ponderous. However, despite having a body-on-frame structure, it is still able to achieve class-leading towing statistics.

  • Quite a plenty of room
  • There is also a larger Max model available
  • Power and towing capacity are excellent
  • When you’re big, you’re a burden
  • When traveling at highway speeds, the vehicle becomes rather loud
  • There isn’t a hybrid variant

#8. 2023 Honda Odyssey

best vehicle for family of 6

The minivan version of the Honda Odyssey will be available in 2023 with an updated base trim as well as an all-new Sport variant for the middle trim level. Even though these are the most significant updates for the 2018 model year, Honda didn’t see the need to make any other improvements to the Odyssey. Because it already excels at the tasks that it does.

The Odyssey excels in a wide variety of domains and spheres of endeavor. It is sophisticated, well thought out, refined, and roomy. Additionally, it is trustworthy. The IIHS has designated it as a Top Safety Pick+, and the NHTSA has given it its highest possible rating of 5 stars for its overall safety and is the best vehicle for family of 6 with storage.

  • Standard equipment that is generous in nature
  • Exceptional safety rankings
  • A well-thought-out design
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • There’s no all-wheel drive available
  • There is no hybrid version available

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#9. 2022 Honda Pilot

best affordable vehicle for family of 6

In the segment of midsize 3-row SUVs and crossovers, the 2022 Honda Pilot is a staple offering. It succeeds in almost every aspect that matters. It is sturdy, risk-free, and trustworthy, and its cabin is roomy, well-appointed, and able to accommodate up to eight passengers. Even some light off-roading is within its capabilities. Even though it is the base model, the 2018 Pilot Sport comes well-equipped with features like front seats that are heated and power-adjustable, smartphone connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and temperature control that is split into three separate zones.

  • There’s a lot of standard gear
  • Comfortable and well-equipped cabin
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • V6 engine that’s both refined and powerful is standard
  • There is no hybrid version of this car

#10. 2023 Hyundai Palisade

best vehicle for family of six

One of the best options available for midsize SUVs with three rows of seating is the Hyundai Palisade. This SUV is perfect for families because to its big cabin, high safety ratings, and luxury equipment. The base price for the 2023 Hyundai Palisade is $34,950 and is among the best vehicle for family of 6.

The Hyundai Palisade is among the most recent contenders in the market for midsize SUVs with three rows of seats, but it has rapidly established itself as one of our top picks in this segment. As a substitute for a minivan in the role of an SUV, it excels in practically every aspect. It boasts a large and luxurious interior, with space for three rows of passengers and a long list of standard extras. Additionally, the highest trim levels of this SUV provide luxury comfort and technology amenities that may make it seem rather opulent. The Top Safety Pick+ rating from the IIHS is something that will appeal to families.

  • Stylish and spacious interior
  • Among the best basic and extra features available
  • Pricing based on value
  • Upper edgings that exude luxury
  • Top Safety Pick+ from the IIHS
  • There is just one choice of powerplant
  • Style that has sparked debate

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Top 5 Recommended Car Accessories for A Family Vehicle

  • Running Board: Running boards provide a step up into the vehicle for passengers, making it easier to get in and out, especially for smaller children or those with mobility issues. They also add a bit of style and personality to your ride.
  • Car Floor Mats: If you have a family, chances are good that your car sees a lot of activity – and not all of it is clean. Kids track in mud and dirt, pets shed and spill food and water. Car floor mats help protect your car’s floors from dirt, spills and stains.
  • Car Trunk Organizer: If you’re looking for a way to keep your car organized and tidy, a trunk organizer is a great solution. Plus, it’s an affordable way to keep your belongings safe and easy to find.
  • Good GPS System: A GPS is incredibly useful for long road trips or just getting around town. It can help save time and frustration by finding the quickest route to your destination.
  • Roof Rack or Cargo Carrier: This is great for families who love to go on road trips or take their bikes with them when they travel.
Frequently Asked Question

what is the best vehicle for a family of 6?

The list above is the best vehicles for a family of 6. To name few of them are:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Kia Telluride
  • Subaru Outback
  • Toyota RAV4

Is it a smart time to purchase a vehicle that will be released in 2022?

In spite of the fact that many new factories are being created by well-known technological businesses, specialists are unable to provide a definitive response about when things will reach a steady state. The general opinion appears to be that it will go on through the year 2022 and may perhaps extend into the year 2023.

What is the lengthiest 7-seat SUV available?

What is the largest vehicle that can seat seven people? The biggest SUVs, such as the Land Rover Discovery, BMW X7, and Audi Q7, are the roomiest vehicles when it comes to passenger capacity over all three rows of seating.

Which of these automobiles has the largest rear seat space?

With a staggering 44.4 inches of legroom, 38.9 inches of headroom, and 57.7 inches of shoulder space, the rear seats of the BMW 7 Series come in first place on our list of the roomiest back seats.

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