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Top 6 Fastest RC Cars in 2022

People have been obsessed with speed since forever, and they keep setting up speed records. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us why in the RC hobby world, many enthusiasts are focused on how fast particular models can go. However, no one wants to sacrifice performance at the expense of speed.

While some models are designed to go relatively slow, others can handle any type of terrain. However, it’s the high-speed cars that catch the attention of many RC drivers. So, here is the overview of the fastest RC cars in 2022.

Traxxas XO-1 1/7 Scale Supercar

Superior handlings combined with full-throttle acceleration are what makes Traxxas XO-1 1 so unique. Considering this model is inspired by racing cars, it’s ready to go right out of the box. It can develop a speed of 100mph; however, you do need to race it on a smooth surface.

This RC car has an impressive Traxxas stability management and electronic speed controller, allowing users great control at very high speed. Aerodynamic design and a Bluetooth wireless module are only some of the perks you are getting with XO-1 1.

Traxxas Bandit Off-Road Buggy

Every RC car enthusiast wants to enjoy innovative technology and fast speed. That’s exactly what Traxxas Bandit Off-Road Buggy offers. Durable construction, speed, and affordable price, what else could you ask for?

Let’s not forget its elegant and lightweight design, which allows this car to develop a speed of 70mph. Waterproof electronics and a 12-turn motor will help you drive Traxxas Bandit Off-Road Buggy even on the most challenging terrain like water, mud, and snow. It comes with a power cell battery which ensures plenty of fun time.

Traxxas X-Maxx 8S 4WD Monster Truck

Have you ever considered how much speed you can actually handle when running a radio-controlled car? Many experienced drivers who race in off-road conditions don’t go over 50mph, and they can hardly handle anything above 65mph.

Instead of high speed, you want torque and acceleration to move the more rugged cars, which tend to be heavier due to their design. While a highly rugged model, Traxxas X-Maxx 8S ensures you have plenty of acceleration to handle any jump. It also comes equipped with waterproof sealing for snowy and moody tracks. Even though we wouldn’t call this the fastest model, it still performs very well in racing situations.

Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer 4WD 6S

Desert Racer is a car that can travel at speeds higher than 50mph on sandy terrain. However, speed isn’t the only perk this car can offer. It can handle any obstacles and jumps over dunes and rocks. Thanks to its resilient rear axle and advanced suspension system, it can provide amazing performance in the desert.

In fact, the rare axle is what separates this car from its competition. In many models, this part tends to be the most sensitive one. If you are looking for an RC car for adults, make sure to keep an eye on this one.

Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO Buggy

Many would say that Redcat Racing Tornado is a real beast on the road, and we must agree. This vehicle goes comfortably through any environment thanks to its extremely adjustable suspensions. Redcat Racing Tornado is ready for a race out of the box.

It features an impressive motor which gives this model plenty of power, especially when the chase becomes intense. This model also features various aluminum parts, like ready shock towers, which help Redcat Racing Tornado handle challenging terrain. Drives can adjust toe angle, camber, rear wing, and ride height.

The Losi Tenacity DB Pro Desert Buggy

This car is a monster on the road. It features a robust metal construction, along with aluminum RC car parts that offer a competitive edge in the race. To accomplish a high speed, the manufacturer of this car has used technology, like Firma motor and innovative Brushless ESC.

On top of everything, its ESC is water-resistant and weighs only 6lbs without a battery, so you can quickly move it to different locations. The Losi Tenacity DB Pro Desert Buggy comes with 118mm tires, which are very sturdy and medium-soft for both desert and backyard races.

What to look for when buying an RC car?


A high-quality RC car should be durable. Usually, these types of vehicles are made of lightweight materials to offer fast acceleration. Therefore, we suggest picking a proportionally balanced lightweight model if you are just starting with RC cars.

On the other hand, experienced drivers can choose vehicles made of heavier materials because they already have a balanced spinning experience. For example, an all-solid metal car is heavier than a PVC machine.

Transmitter type

There are two types of transmitters you can choose from, a pistol grip and stick control, and they help you manage an RC vehicle more comfortably. Most RC car drivers choose pistol grip controllers because they can match their level of skills.

However, if you are a beginner, you should get the stick transmitter. Another thing to consider is the transmitter’s weight. Keep in mind that most of them tend to be heavy and are more suitable for adults, while kids will struggle using them.

Wheels and tires

Remember that wheels and tires work in unison. If the car has good abrasive resistance, it will perform better on challenging terrains. Always choose tires with thermoplastic rubber because they offer amazing resistance. Also, tires should be thick and wide, so you can avoid damaging the chassis with all the landing.  

Responsive ESC and receiver

Fast cars need to be able to receive high-level signals simultaneously. In that case, getting a receiver/ESC with a cooling fan is highly recommended.

RC enthusiasts know exactly what they want, a super-fast RC car that will match their adrenaline level. In this article, we reviewed some pretty cool RC toys. So, whether you want a car with high speed or a vehicle that has the amazing climbing ability, we know you will find a model that meets your needs. 

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