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Ford Fusion Dashboard Symbols and Meaning

A dependable option in the midsize vehicle class is the Ford Fusion. The Ford Motor Company sells these automobiles under the brand name Fusion. It features composite management and a plane ride, and its interior has lots of space and two rows of comfy seats. Additionally, it has a composite ride. If you are the owner of this item but are unfamiliar with the dashboard lights, this article will be helpful to you.

Dashboard in various indications such as Red, Green, and Yellow to guide you at whichever moment any utility component of your car may determine whether or not there is an internal problem inside it. The Ford Fusion’s instrumental dashboard displays a plethora of cautionary messages for your vehicle. The dashboard tutorial you’re seeing now will explain what the notification symbols represent. If any warning lights on the dashboard ignite or turn on while driving, examine the following list to find out what the warning indicators imply and what you should do. You may also be interested in the Ford Escape, Ford Mustang, Ford Transit, Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer, Ford Kuga, or Ford F-150 vehicles.

Symbols and Warning Lights on the Dashboard of a Ford Fusion

Suppose you are driving a Ford Fusion and notice that the ford fusion dashboard symbols are lighting up for the first time. In that case, you need to figure out whether they are trying to get your immediate attention because of an urgent situation or whether they are trying to get your attention because of a potential issue. In addition, several lights simply indicate that functions are operating as they should. It is important to have a basic understanding of the various light colors and their connotations before moving on to the discussion of popular dashboard symbols for the Ford Fusion.

What Do the Different Colors of the Lights on the Dashboard Mean?

Every sign on a ford fusion dashboard symbols and meaning corresponds to a system in some way, and manufacturers color code them according to the level of importance. The icons on the dashboard of the Ford Fusion are the same.

You can spot them in the Fusion by the three colors they are wearing, which are yellow, red, & orange. The colors red and orange indicate the most severe problems. When you see them, it is best to pull over as soon as possible and examine your car or ask for help from a roadside service. When you notice the flashing red light, it is often unsafe to continue driving in that direction.

Yellow warning signals may not be as alarming as their red and orange counterparts. Still, they do draw attention to a critical problem. Please do not put it off for another day; contact your dealership or technician for an examination and to discuss potential solutions with them.

Lastly, green or blue symbols (and occasionally white) indicate that a specific function or system, such as autopilot, stability control, direction indication, etc., is active and functioning appropriately. Other examples include the following:

When trying to figure out the many systems included inside your Ford Fusion, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various dashboard lights. You should also be familiar with the symbols shown on the dashboard of the Ford Fusion to diagnose the issue properly. Knowing the color codes alone will not, however, fix the problem. You will only get information on the severity of the case.

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Symbols on the Dashboard of the Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion Dashboard Symbols
Image Source: Cars-care

Certain dashboard lights are not to be avoided. Some will inform you when certain features have been engaged and immediately stop functioning when you disable such functions. Unless such functions have been activated without your knowledge or permission, there is no reason to worry about them.

-Adaptive Cruise Control.

This light depicts a vehicle next to a speedometer with an arrow going in the opposite direction of the needle on the speedometer. This indicator will glow white whenever the adaptive cruise control feature is used. The indicator will turn red to green when you activate the adaptive cruise control feature.

-Front Fog Lamps.

This light gives the impression of three parallel lines sloping to the left, with a curved line running vertically in the middle of them. A capital letter “D” with a curve may be seen to the right. This light illuminates to let you know when your fog lights are on.

-Parking Lamps.

This light, which appears as two bulbs facing in opposite directions, tells you that the parking lamps on your vehicle are turned on.

-Cruise Control.

This light will illuminate the dashboard of your vehicle whenever you use the cruise control feature, serving as a visual cue to indicate that the feature has been enabled.

-High Beam.

When you switch on your high beams, this symbol will illuminate your dashboard and stay lighted until you turn off your high lights.

-Stability Control. 

In the event that your vehicle loses traction, the stability control system will engage and remain active until the vehicle regains both its stability and its traction.

-Direction Indicator. 

Ford fusion hybrid dashboard symbols car with arrows indicates light will blink once your turn signal is activated and will continue to do so until the turn is finished.

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Warning Lights for the Ford Fusion

Anti-Lock Braking System.

If this light comes on, it indicates that your car has identified a problem with your anti-lock brakes (ABS). It is still possible to perform normal braking, but you should get this system checked out by your local Ford dealer as soon as you have the opportunity.


If you see this light, it indicates an issue with your battery’s functioning. You need to switch off any electrical equipment that is not required, and you should get in touch with your local Ford dealer as soon as possible.

Engine Coolant Temperature. 

When this light comes on, you need to pull over to a safe location as soon as possible and switch off the engine so that it can cool down. In the event that this indicator keeps flashing, you should get in touch with your local Ford dealer as soon as you can.

Engine Oil.

If you are driving down the road and you see this light come on, immediately pull over to the side of the road, shut off the engine, and check the oil level. If it’s getting low, fill it up to the right level. Do not continue driving if the warning light comes on, even if the oil level is not critically low. Get in touch with your local Ford dealer as soon as possible.

Lights That Indicate a Positive Result

You can see if everything is operating well and that the system is activated by looking at the positive indication lights. For instance, if your vehicle exhibits two parallel S-curves behind the wheels, this indicates that the stability control system is active in the vehicle. If you see a vehicle driving in the space between two dashed lines in the lane, this is a signal that your Lane-Keeping System is active. Last but not least, when you see the letter A within a circle with a hole in it, it means that the Auto Start-Stop engine function is operating as it should.

Lights for Caution

The image of an engine is the one that appears on the majority of yellow warning lights. The famed “Check Engine” warning light is shown here. It indicates that there is a problem with your system in some other location. If the vehicle is still driven, whatever the issue has to be identified and repaired as soon as possible; otherwise, it might lead to something even more serious. It may simply be that the gasoline cap is loose; in that case, you should start by securing it and then continue driving the vehicle to see whether the light turns off.

Danger Lights

When you see a light that is red, it typically means that there is an urgent threat, and you should come to a complete stop immediately. One of the most prevalent of them is an image of a battery, which suggests that there is a problem with your charging system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the exclamation mark mean on a Ford Fusion?

The warning light for low tire pressure is represented as a horseshoe with an exclamation point inside of it. This warning light on the dashboard indicates that one or maybe more than one of the tires do not have the necessary amount of air pressure. In order to turn off this indicator, you need to provide air to any underinflated tires.

What is the A symbol on Ford Fusion?

Auto Start-Stop: If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, you will see a light that resembles the letter “A” encircled by an arrow with a loop in it while the engine is turning off.

What are the red lights on the dash of a Ford Fusion?

Suppose your vehicle has the Collision warning with brake assistance function. In that case, it will sound an alarm and illuminate a row of flashing red lights on your windshield if it detects that you are fast approaching traffic in front of you. In addition, it will automatically apply the brakes for you.

What do Ford dash lights mean?

Warning lights on the dashboard may flash red, orange, green, or blue. Warning lights that flash red signify that there is an immediate problem. A red warning light indicates a more significant problem with the car, which has to be looked out as soon as possible. Orange lights indicate problems that are not as critical, such as the need for the vehicle to be serviced.

What is a red flashing light?

FLASHING RED—Just like a stop sign, a flashing red signal light signals that you should come to a complete stop. After coming to a halt, continue only when it is safe to do so while adhering to the right-of-way laws. When you see a red arrow, you need to COME TO A STOP until you see a green signal or a green arrow. When there is a red arrow, it is illegal to turn in that direction.

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