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Top 7 Best Roof Racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews in 2023

Today’s study is all about seven of the finest roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Everyone knows this car excels on rough terrain and is dependable in the great outdoors. It has various amenities ideal for extended car rides with loved ones or coworkers. However, the Jeep Grand Cherokee rack system might be a fantastic option for increasing storage capacity during such adventurous excursions.

But what are the most excellent roof racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee today? To find the solution, we once again put several items through their paces and solicited the opinions of Jeep Grand Cherokee owners who had previously purchased and installed roof rack cross bars. To assist other car owners in making the best possible decision, we have included a list of our suggestions with relevant background information.

7 Best Roof Racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Best Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Racks Cross Bars Reviews

Best roof rack for jeep Grand Cherokee come in an almost infinite variety. Jeep Cherokee roof cargo boxes are widely available for several vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, minivans, and even across the rear. Cargo containers for the top of a vehicle may vary in style, size, and cost, just like any other automobile component. Even if your budget is limited, you should be able to locate a roof cargo box that meets your needs.

#1. BRIGHTLINES Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack Crossbars

best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a fantastic choice of vehicle for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. However, storage and capacity are issues on such lengthy journeys. The amount of goods and baggage for all the trip’s necessities is projected to grow, and it may not fit in the vehicle’s standard storage space. However, the most important benefit of owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee is the opportunity to have roof rack cross bars fitted, such as those offered by Brightlines, to provide more storage capacity.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack stands out due to its superior construction and tailor-made fit. The enhanced aerodynamic design has an aero-wing form, drastically reducing road noise. These racks are stylish and functional, holding everything you want to transport on top of your car.

  • Fit Black plastic roof moldings are standard equipment on Jeep Grand Cherokees. It cannot be used with any vehicle with side rails made of metal channeled on the outside.
  • Aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic wing design that is surprisingly quiet in the wind. Stunningly athletic-looking.
  • Rest easily on the dark moldings. Simply use the pre-drilled holes in the roof to attach the bolts. Crafted to last a lifetime, If the 165 pounds are spread out equally, the maximum weight the crossbars can support while locked is 250 pounds.
  • The setup is painless. Two crossbars and mounting hardware are included in the package.
  • The manufacturer backs its products for a full year. The United States is home to the company’s technical staff and customer service department.


  • This accessory perfectly complements your Jeep Grand Cherokee with its high-quality black roof moldings.
  • Unique aerodynamics with an aero wing form to significantly reduce wind noise during construction.
  • Superbly stylish sporty roof rack
  • Complete with instructions and the necessary hardware, assembly is a breeze.
  • Up to 165 lb. of weight may be supported.


  • Not a good fit Aluminum-side-rail-equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • A restricted palette

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#2. Mophorn Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack Rail

best roof rack cross bars for jeep grand cherokee

Possessing a Jeep Grand Cherokee has numerous advantages, not the least of which is the vehicle’s adaptability to a wide variety of aftermarket additions and modifications that boost its functionality on the road. If you need more space in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you may choose a variety of roof rack extensions to install. This roof rack rail from Mophorn is one of the safest and most dependable Jeep Grand Cherokee roof side rails you can buy.

This roof rack rail is comparable to the earlier model in some respects, but it also has several key distinctions. The load capacity is where they most closely compare; both can accommodate up to 165 lb. of stuff. However, the color and the method of installation are two areas where they diverge. Moreover, these Jeep parts and accessories are not all built the same.

  • The cross bars for your roof rack are perfect for the best roof rack for jeep Grand Cherokee from 2011 to 2020. If you need to transport items on the roof, you will have a safe and attractive option. Before making a purchase, double-check the model year, manufacturer, and specific model of the vehicle you’re interested in.
  • Our roof rack rails are high-quality stainless steel and can support as much as 165 lb (75 kg). Thanks to the waterproofing and anti-corrosion features, you can still go places even if it’s raining or snowing outside.
  • The roof bars are aerodynamically designed to decrease wind noise & resistance when driving, as well as to lower fuel consumption and maximize the use of oil products.
  • The integrated strip provides precise measures that match the directions, making setup and teardown a breeze. No cutting or drilling is needed for flawless attachment.


  • Premium stainless steel construction ensures durability and reliability.
  • It provides a generous 165-pound weight limit
  • With an elliptical shape optimized for low drag and quiet operation.
  • Setup is a breeze since no drilling is involved, and you get everything you need in the box.
  • A perfect match for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.


  • There is ambiguity in the handbook.

#3. ARKSEN Universal Heavy Duty Roof Rack Cargo

best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is ideal for camping vacations because of. In addition to being able to go off-road, it also has power steering and ground clearance that can be adjusted. This vehicle’s adaptability makes it ideal for journeys to the countryside, the coast, or the wilderness. Bringing this Arksen roof rack baggage along should solve all your storage woes.

The opportunity to add best roof rack for Jeep Cherokee is a major benefit of employing this roof rack. When attached to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, this device may transport a wide range of items, including camping gear, baggage, cargo bags, and more. The length of the basket may be increased through an extension feature. This is a useful addition that allows you to carry additional items without worrying about them shifting or bending in the middle.

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Look no further if you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee and need a sturdy roof rack. This roof rack is spacious enough to hold various goods and camping gear for multiple journeys. The product is well made and simple to install, so Jeep owners anywhere may benefit.

  • This roof rack cargo basket can accommodate up to 150 lbs. of your belongings, allowing you to reclaim room inside your vehicle.
  • The black powder coating on the heavy-duty steel ensures it will not rust or deteriorate over time.
  • The metal bars at the bottom and the side rails will protect your belongings while on the road. The steel wind fairing prevents damage from the wind and lowers drag.
  • Simple to set up in a car. The crossbars of your vehicle are used by this cargo carrier, which installs four standard U-bolts.


  • Designed with a big load capacity in mind.
  • Possibility of adding on more storage space if necessary High quality, durable construction thanks to the use of only the finest materials.
  • Fabricated using solid metal bars for strength and longevity.
  • Installing is fast and simple.


  • Poorly coated and poorly written user manual.

#4. Snailfly Jeep Grand Cherokee Cross Bars Roof Rack

best roof rack cross bars for jeep grand cherokee

Camping for many days is a wonderful experience, particularly when shared with loved ones and new friends. Camping, swimming, and skiing are all more enjoyable when shared with loved ones. However, if you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee, adding this best roof rack for Jeep Cherokee from Snailfly will increase the storage space in your car, especially on the roof, making it easier to transport everything you need for these activities.

This device is designed to convert the roof of a Jeep Grand Cherokee into a convenient storage area for use on camping trips and other outdoor excursions. This roof rack may be attached to your car for extra storage space and can support loads of up to 150 pounds. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent candidate for this roof rack since it sits flush on top and gives the vehicle a sleek appearance.

It’s hard to find a Jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack of this caliber. This item can be set up instantly and will look great in your car. The load capacity should be sufficient to carry all of the items you need during the outdoor vacation, and the design is aerodynamic, so travel is quite quiet.

  • Bars are made of aluminum alloy and held together with stainless steel clamps, making them lightweight and simple to set up or take down.
  • Efficiently lessening wind resistance and noise using a water drop’s streamlined design.
  • Package included: one set of jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack cross bars with all required nuts and bolts
  • All of your roof attachments, such as a bike rack, kayak, snowboard, baggage box, and so on, will have a stable home on this platform, which can support up to 150 pounds of weight.


  • Constructed with a waterdrop shape that drastically cuts down on buffeting and road noise.
  • Aluminum alloy bars with stainless steel clamps provide a sturdy and long-lasting design.
  • Easy to set up and take down in a short amount of time
  • All required installation equipment is included.
  • Designed to support loads of up to 150 lb.


  • Unclear instruction

#5. MONOKING Jeep Grand Cherokee Cross Bars Roof Racks

best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee

Adding the best roof rack cross bars for jeep Grand Cherokee will increase its capacity for hauling bulky objects like suitcases, bicycles, kayaks, and other storage bins. With this add-on, you can load up your Jeep Grand Cherokee with everything you need and never worry about running out of room. But what kinds of roof racks will fit on this car? Monoking’s jeep Grand Cherokee roof rack cross bars is a great alternative because of the space it provides once mounted.

This roof rack for the Jeep Grand Cherokee immediately stands out for its high craftsmanship. It uses high-quality components, including improved aluminum, which is notoriously sturdy and long-lasting. It has a powder coating finish that prevents corrosion and fading throughout the lifetime of the product.

This roof rack is of the same high quality as industry standard bearers as the Thule roof rack for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you put this brand into your car, you’ll get durable and long-lasting at a very reasonable price. The storage space is so spacious that you won’t have to worry about leaving anything behind on your journey.

  • The Roof Rack Crossbars Are Only Compatible With Vehicles Produced Between 2011 And 2021 Roof Black Moldings Can Be Found On The Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude, SRT, And Trackhawk.
  • Upgraded aluminum alloy is used to assure the highest level of safety, and a powder coating extends the product’s life by making it waterproof, stain-resistant, and rustproof. Classy matte textured adds a sport appearance to your JGC SRT/HA. There is no need to drill any holes in the roof since the OEM bolts on immediately. Easy to set up in only 30 minutes with included instructions.
  • Vertical load, crash tested, wear and tear simulations, sturdy internal construction, generates strongest load capacity 165 LBS when equally distributed. A roof rack allows you to pack your belongings and hit the road. Bring your watercraft (canoes or kayaks), snow gear, surf gear, and fishing rods.


  • Provide outstanding compatibility with your Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Powder-coated aluminum alloy construction ensures durability.
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency and less road noise thanks to an advanced aerodynamic design.
  • have a high load capacity of up to 165 pounds
  • Setting up is fast and simple.


  • Confusing user manual
  • Provided locks do not do anything

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#6. OTUAYAUTO Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Rack Crossbars

best roof rack cross bars for jeep grand cherokee

When participating in outdoor activities, it is customary to carry along some really large equipment. Bicycles, kayaks, huge crates, and other bulky goods might make it difficult to store necessities in your car. However, a roof rack is the most efficient way to add a Jeep Roof rack system for jeep Grand Cherokee without sacrificing inside passenger volume. This crossbar for a roof rack from Otuayauto, a brand recognized for its consistent and trustworthy quality, is a great alternative.

The exceptional safety design of this product ensures the safety of whatever you store on top of your car. The anti-theft lock on the rails of this roof rack prevents it from being taken without permission. As a result of being constructed with two keys, the product’s adaptability is guaranteed, and it also has an increased level of safety.

This best ski rack for jeep Grand Cherokee is a good option for those who want to save money without sacrificing quality. Because of its aerodynamic shape, the ride is quiet and comfortable, and the mounting takes little time and effort if you have everything you need.

  • Best roof rack cross bars for jeep Grand Cherokee in Chrome/Black with grooves for the 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Extra protection and adaptability, with a no-drill installation and tough ABS plastic.
  • Having a roof rack installed can greatly improve your vacation experience. If you need to carry bulky objects, such as kayaks, canoes, baggage, snowboards, skis, bikes, fishing rods, and more, roof rack crossbars are your best option.
  • Internal solid construction, which has been crashing tested and subjected to wear and tear simulations, allows for a maximum load of 150 pounds when the weight is distributed vertically.
  • Better in every way than the original equipment manufacturer’s components.


  • Works well with a wide range of Jeep Grand Cherokees
  • The maximum weight that can be stored in this bag is 150 pounds, thanks to its sturdy construction.
  • Using strong ABS plastic for unparalleled toughness and durability.
  • Engineered to minimize wind noise, thanks to its sleek form
  • Incorporation is a breeze, and it goes up fast.


  • It lacks the necessary equipment for set up.

#7. Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack

roof rack system for jeep grand cherokee

Sports gear, luggage, and other oversize things may be easily transported and stored with the help of a roof rack. This upgrade is a great choice if you need more legroom in your Jeep Grand Cherokee but don’t want to give up any storage space. Tyger Auto makes a roof rack that can be customized to suit a variety of vehicles. This won’t be as well-known as the Jeep Cherokee roof rack Mopar but be assured that it’s just as sturdy and well-made.

You may improve the appearance of your Jeep Grand Cherokee by installing this best roof rack for jeep Grand Cherokee. It works well, especially with the car’s angle. This roof rack has a premium appearance and feels and is built to last. In addition, the matte black E-coating on the 1.5-inch steel tube frame used to construct this roof rack helps it withstand rust and corrosion. Multiple places to secure cargo guarantee that whatever is being transported remains undamaged and secure.

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Those searching for a means to increase their Jeep Grand Cherokee’s storage capacity while enhancing its visual appeal may consider this roof rack for jeep Grand Cherokee. The sleek design will elevate the look of your Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the increased cargo capacity will come in handy on the road.

  • The overall size of the frame is 47.25″ x 36.5″ x 5.9″.
  • Your car will get more attention on the road if it has a fashionable exterior. Extra carrying capacity of up to 150 lbs. when mounted to the cross bars of any car’s roof rail system.
  • The heavy-duty 1″ steel frame tube has a rust-resistant black E-Coating and several tie-down points for using cargo netting.
  • Simple two-part construction. Hardware for installation is supplied. (Roof rails and cross bars are required to attach this basket to your car.)
  • TYGER Customers in the United States are covered for three years against manufacturing defects, with no questions asked. Remove before taking your automobile to the wash.


  • Stylishly crafted for maximum road presence.
  • Support up to 150 lb. in total weight in storage.
  • The many tie-down points in the design guarantee that your bags will be secure.
  • Setting up is fast and simple.
  • Adds to the vehicle’s aesthetic value.


  • The tools provided were of inadequate size and quality to be of any use.

Best Roof Racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee Buying Guide

Best Roof Racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee Buying Guide

Sometimes car accessories feel more like an afterthought than a necessity. But when you know what to look for, you can find the best roof racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee that perfectly suit your needs. In this guide to the best roof racks for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, we’ll explore all the different aspects to consider before picking out your perfect set.


Roof racks often cost a substantial sum, and that is understandable. With these racks protecting, your valuable items will be safe from the effects of wind and speed.

The best racks are rigidly constructed using advanced technology, outstanding design, and high-quality materials. If you’re looking for anything similar, it’s best to study the fine print first.

Then, be sure that the price of the Jeep Grand Cherokee roof racks you’ve chosen is within your financial constraints.


Is a Jeep modular rack system something you’re interested in? How much luggage and what sorts of goods will you be transporting on the racks? What are the estimated durations of your trips?

You must respond to these inquiries before proceeding to the store to buy the roof racks of your choice. These are questions on how well they get along with one another. So, before placing a purchase, make sure you’re completely clear on these points.

Multifunction Rack

You should look for racks with many levels to accommodate various accessory sizes. The term “multi-purpose roof racks” describes those that can store not just a rooftop tent but also bicycles, skis, surfboards, camping equipment, and baggage.

A Jeep owner’s need for a versatile rack is understandable. Make sure they’ll meet all your needs before making a purchase.


The durability of the rack systems should be considered with the quality of the materials. If the racks fail, the entire journey is in jeopardy. You prevent this, be sure to double-check the rack’s mounting hardware.

Things may go wrong if the rack breaks in the middle of the journey or if you discover that it is insufficient in strength to accommodate all of your equipment. The manual should reassure you that the device can handle difficult roads and high winds.

Shelving Unit with a Minimalist Profile – Low-profile racks may significantly reduce noise and power use. You may expect a lot of noise from anything you have loaded onto the top of your jeep. It will also cause you to burn up a lot of gas.

Loading and unloading equipment when the rack has a lower profile is easier. It reduces noise and improves gas mileage since it has low drag.

Calculating the Weight of a Product

We all like potent items, but what if they’re too cumbersome? You should be on the lookout for a lightweight and robust solution.

Only in the case of Aluminum can you be specific in their sturdy and lightweight ability. A steel rack is three times as heavy as a well-built aluminum one. Thus, selecting the rack’s material should be your first consideration.

Varieties of Products and Helpful Resources

A savvy buyer should also pay attention to this. And it is the manufacturers’ product selection and after-sale service. You should prioritize businesses that provide a wide selection of items that span several styles, price points, and production methods. In addition to superior products, these businesses also provide excellent customer service.

Unfortunately, there are cases where corporations provide low-quality goods and refuse to accept returns. Careful shoppers know to stick with well-known companies known for their excellent live customer support.


Companies that stock a wide variety of goods often also provide superior support. They often have a sizable workforce to provide special online delivery and refund service.

Poor-quality racks are often made and sold by firms who subsequently refuse to accept returns. As a smart consumer, you should only buy from well-established companies with a track record of providing excellent customer support in real-time.

Nowhere are we implying that you have to stick to name-brand products. You may also choose recently introduced products. However, you should check their service and customer support records first. A better customer experience may be had with some of the newest businesses that have been introduced by younger entrepreneurs.

Racks made of plastic should be avoided

Hear me out – People usually seem upset after purchasing one of my plastic roof racks. The use of plastic in the construction of any product makes that thing far more likely to sustain harm.

It’s not hard for plastic to deteriorate over time. Over time in direct sunlight, your rack’s plastic will become brittle, and its color will fade. Most importantly, plastic lacks the strength to transport bulky items.

There are a lot of factories producing low-quality plastic goods there. You must use extreme caution when selecting metal over plastic.

FAQs About Best Roof Racks for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Is a roof rack worth it?

The roof rails itself may be used to transport heavy or bulky things. Car roof racks are the best alternative for transporting heavy loads securely and stably.

How do I know which roof rack to buy?

To know the right size of the roof rack consider the following:

  • Determine what you want to transport
  • Find out the weight capacity of your vehicle’s roof
  • Estimate the combined weight of your heaviest items
  • Look at your vehicle’s current roof set-up
  • Measure your roof for crossbars
  • Choose a roof rack that suits your vehicle
What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

The direction they face when installed on your car’s roof is the primary determining factor between the two. Cars may have roof rails, which run the length of the roof, or roof racks, installed across the roof from door to door.

What is the best material for roof racks?

Aluminum. The finest material for roof racks is aluminum since it is lighter than steel and can support more weight. Therefore, aluminum rack systems will cost more than their steel or plastic counterparts, but they will be more efficient.

Can you put a roof rack on any car?

Unfortunately, not all roof racks are universal, since each vehicle has a different roof profile that has to have roof racks tailored to it.

Are aftermarket roof racks good?

The weight capacity, accessories, and other choices available for aftermarket roof racks are far superior to those of factory racks. The main drawback of a factory rack is that it can only be used with one particular vehicle.

How much does it cost to install a roof rack?

The price of a standard roof rack will change based on factors such as the year, make, and model of your car, as well as whether or not you want a new, aerodynamic profile. There is a wide price range for entire roof rack systems, from around $150 for a used rack on older cars to $500+ for a new, aerodynamic top-of-the-line arrangement.


Jeep’s Cherokee SUVs are among the company’s most popular offerings. Car roof cargo bins tend to be model specific. Therefore, if you own a Jeep Cherokee, you should have no trouble locating an appropriate roof cargo box. In addition, several rooftop cargo containers are available in standard sizes. This means they may be used with any SUV. There are several roof rack system for jeep Grand Cherokee to select from, so you can choose one that perfectly complements the color of your Jeep Cherokee.

Don’t fret, however, since we’ve selected the best Jeep Cherokee rooftop cargo boxes for you. And every one of them will function perfectly with your Jeep Cherokee, and you’ll be able to bring your accessories while you are on vacation.

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