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2022 Tesla Model 3 Specs, Prices, MPG & Features

The Tesla Model 3 is the electric car that has existed up to the buildup, offering a near-ideal balance of performance, range, and affordability. The Tesla Model 3 is an electric vehicle that we, as car enthusiasts, can get behindhand since it’s quick and agile, particularly in the Performance trim.

There’s no more affordable way to get your hands on one of Tesla’s revolutionary electric vehicles than with the Model 3’s entry-level pricing. The Model 3 can go 358 miles on a single charge on the middle-level Range trim, making it unnecessary to the custody of the vehicle every day. Still, it’s not quite up to Ford Mustang Mach E standards.

In 2021, Tesla’s Model 3 received several upgrades, including a redesigned interior and a more extended range. In 2022, there will be no noteworthy changes due to the current revisions. Although there are few direct rivals at this price level with this range, it remains a standout among electric vehicles. However, just a handful of Polestar 2 dealers in the United States, making it difficult to compare the Polestar 2 against the Tesla Model 3.

Model 3 competes with electric and gas-powered vehicles in the small premium market. Main rivals include the Polestar 2 and Audi A4 and more economical electric cars like the Chevy Bolt.

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In 2022, what’s new?

In place of the nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery pack used in the Normal Range model last year, the RWD version employs lithium-ion-phosphate batteries instead. An estimated range of 272 miles has been added to this model’s battery pack, despite it being less power-solid than the prior one. This year’s Long Range model has a projected driving range of 358 miles/charge.

Instead of adhering to the usual model year, Tesla chooses to make updates whenever it feels they are essential. Tesla rolls out many changes through over-the-air software updates, so you don’t have to hurry to purchase a new car when you learn about a change.

RWD is the new designation for the Model 3’s entry-level trim level when it debuts in 2022. The Model 3 lineup’s range has been improved thanks to a revised battery pack that uses lithium-ion-phosphate instead of nickel-cobalt-aluminum. A single charge of the standard Model 3 can now get you up to 272 miles, while the Long Range model can get you up to 358 miles.

2022 Tesla Model 3 Specs

  • MSRP: $48,440
  • Seating Capacity: five Seater
  • Drive Train: All-Wheel Drive
  • Engine: Electric
  • Transmission: 1-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Mileage: 134 mpg in the city, 126 mpg on the highway, and 131 mpg combined
  • Length: 184.8 inches
  • Width: 72.8 inches
  • Height: 56.8 inches
  • Wheelbase: 113.2 inches

Performance and Power of the Electric Motor

The Model 3 accelerates quickly and virtually quietly. The electric engine delivers considerable power from a standstill, as with most electric vehicles. As for speed, it can be blistering in certain trims. Compared to our long-term Model 3 Long Range, the Model 3 Performance accelerates to 60 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds. In the Long Range variant, the rear-wheel-drive version, we could get from zero to 60 in only 5.1 seconds.

The Model 3 has a low center of gravity like other Teslas since the battery is stowed beneath the floor. Its steering is precise and well-balanced, and it offers three levels of steering exertion adjustment. This makes it seem more grounded and steady in corners, making it feel more agile and responsive. Despite the lack of a fuel engine, the ride is firm but not unpleasant.

It is possible to have the all-electric 2022 Model 3 in two distinct powertrain configurations. Single electric motor powers the rear wheels of the base model, while another two trims include a two-motor setup that provides the all-wheel drive. The gearbox in every Model 3 car is a single-speed affair.

The Model 3 may be charged in a variety of ways. Using a 120-volt outlet, the vehicle can recharge its battery for 3 miles per hour. If you’re setting at Level 2, you may expect 44 miles of range per hour. In addition, Tesla maintains a comprehensive list of supercharger stations around the nation that can recharge the Model 3 in 15 minutes and extend its range to 200 miles. We don’t endorse this strategy unless you have no other choice. There are more than 30,000 superchargers on the market worldwide.

It is possible to order three alternative versions of the Model 3, each with a different predicted driving distance. RWD is the least expensive, with a variety of 272 miles. There is a significant improvement in the expected range of the Model 3 if you choose the Long Range/Performance variants. In addition to Tesla’s Supercharger network, connecters for DC general populace stations, 240 & 120-volt plugs, and a home-chargeable station, the Model 3’s charging choices include a variety of other possibilities.

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Interior of the 2022 Tesla Model 3

2022 tesla model 3 interior

A basic approach to luxury is taken by the Tesla Model 3. The inside of the Tesla Model 3 has an intelligent simplicity to it. At the same time, other luxury automobile interiors are lavishly ornamented with dazzling trim pieces, diamond-stitched leatherette, and crystal shift knobs.

The dash is trimmed in wood. Both black and white choices are available for the Model 3’s interior. The vehicle’s center of gravity is a 15-inch touchscreen that manages everything from navigation to music to the vehicle’s temperature. Among other things, you’ll find a speedometer and a battery gauge here.

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay are two notable tech features that are missing from the Model 3. This is the only new automobile entertainment system without the smartphone connection functionality that is becoming more common. Four USB connections and two wireless charging pads guarantee that everyone’s gadgets are always at their full power.

The Model Y crossover is a good option for those looking for a more family-friendly Tesla. The two front seats are spacious and well-bolstered. Even taller adults can wear them all day long, thanks to their all-day comfort. On the other hand, the rear seats seem a tad cramped for a vehicle this large. Children and adults on short excursions should avoid these chairs.

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The Exterior of the 2022 Tesla Model 3

2022 tesla model 3 exterior

However, the front end of the Tesla Model 3 is the subject of significant dispute due to its elegant body lines and attractive wheel designs. The lack of a grille on the snout is a feature that some find appealing, while others find it unappealing. Both ways, it has a distinctive aesthetic that immediately identifies it as a Tesla.

The Tesla Model 3 is the same size as a BMW 3 Series, based on its numeric nomenclature. The Model 3 is somewhat longer & lower than the Polestar 2, a luxury electric vehicle with a similar price tag as the Tesla Model 3. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class & Audi A4 are significant competitors in the small luxury car segment, therefore its dimensions are comparable.

MPGe is the Real World and Fuel Economy

The EPA has rated the different models of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 between 113 MPGe & 141 MPGe. However, we only got 84 MPGe out of our test car when we drove it at 75 mph on the interstate. Aluminum wheels with plastic aerodynamic hubcaps are standard on Model 3. So we did some testing to see whether the hubcaps affected the car’s range, and what we discovered astonished us.

Convenience and Load Capacity

The Model 3 sedan, due in 2022, will be a five-passenger vehicle. Like many other electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 includes a regular trunk and a tiny storage area beneath the hood. The Model 3 has up to 15 cubic feet of freight capacity in its two storage compartments.

The Tesla Model 3’s interior is unlike anything else on the road today, and we’re not kidding. Nearly every aspect of the interior is controlled by a single monolithic touchscreen that dominates the dashboard. Tesla’s interior seems more open and airy with a low & flat floor. However, adults will not be able to devote much time in the back seats due to their lack of support and discomfort.

The 60&40 split-folding rear seats are easy to fold and significantly improve the trunk space—Seatbacks of the Tesla Model 3 fold flat, allowing for a level cargo floor while transporting bulkier things. The Model 3 has enough capacity for 15 carry-on luggage when the rear seats are folded down. Through the cabin, you’ll find plenty of room for storage in the form of bins and cubbies.

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Emergency Prevention Mechanisms

For 2022, all Model 3s will come equipped with Tesla’s full complement of sophisticated safety measures. A surround-view parking cam, lane departure, lane change alert, oblivious monitoring, adaptive cruise, parking sensors, & parallel park assist are all included as standard features.

Full Self-Driving Capability may be purchased for $12,000. Automatic lane change, Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot, a semi-autonomous highway driving mode, a fully self-driving computer, and a Summon function enable the vehicle to come to you in safety features.

Connectivity and Infotainment

To make accusing station stopovers more pleasant, the Tesla Model 3 has a central display that includes Netflix and various games. Streaming internet radio is commonplace. AM and SiriusXM satellite radio aren’t included with the Model 3’s included navigation and Bluetooth capabilities. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also not supported.

This 15-inch touchscreen handles all of the vehicle’s functions, not simply those related to its entertainment system. Bluetooth, GPS, four USB ports, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a wireless power pad are all included in the system. Oddly, Tesla’s Model 3 does not have smartphone connectivity.

2022 Tesla Model 3 Trim Levels

-Rear Wheel Drive Variant MSRP from $48,190

18-inch wheels, a panoramic sunroof roof, keyless entry, electrically adjustable front seats with heated and cooled front seats, and a 7.6-kW onboard charger are included in the most basic Model 3.

There aren’t many add-ons available for the Tesla Model S. The addition of 19-inch wheels costs $1,500. In contrast, an all-black interior costs $1,000 more.

-Long Range Variant MSRP from $55,690

This is the first vehicle equipped with an electric engine and all-wheel drive, called the Long Range. The Long Range trim has the same basic features as the Back wheel Drive trim, save from the other range.

-Performance Variant MSRP from $63,190

Several performance-oriented additions on this Model 3 Performance include track-oriented drivetrains and a carbon fiber rear spoiler, and the sport suspension and high-performance brakes that come standard on the standard Model 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tesla Model 3 perform on the road?

Because of its quick acceleration, sensitive steering, and overall balance and skill, the Model 3 has a sporty and fun driving experience. It is still possible to get the same straight-line push we loved in the early Long Range vehicles by upgrading to the Standard Range Plus trim. At 5.3 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour, the Standard Range Plus is faster than the Chevrolet Bolt and the Kia Niro EV. The “quickness” of the top-of-the-line Dual Motor versions is on another level.

How does the Model 3 feel?

After a few hours of using the Model 3, we found it to be a nice car to be. The non-perforated leather seats are our only grouse since they don’t breathe well in hot weather. Seats are comfortable and well-supported otherwise.

How is the Tesla Model 3’s technology in 2022?

The Model 3’s navigation screen is one of the few that uses real-time data from Google Maps, and it’s impressive in that respect. This may lead to inaccurate information in regions with weak reception, although the interface is generally straightforward. One of the better systems is Autopilot’s traffic-aware speed and lane management system, which slows down for approaching bends.

What’s the storage for the 2022 Tesla Model 3?

This car’s trunk holds more than most people imagine due to a wide pass-through and fold-flat back seats that resemble those of an SUV. We were amazed by what the box could hold, including an extra-large mountain bike. The trunk’s advertised capacity (12.3 cubic feet) isn’t very noteworthy compared to the space in other significant electric cars. It’s also one of the only cars in its class with a front trunk that offers a helpful 2.7 cubic feet of cargo space.


This year’s Tesla Model 3 is the company’s smallest and most cheap electric vehicle. After making several upgrades for 2021 that included an updated interior, more extended range on a full charge, and extra standard amenities, Tesla is leaving things primarily the same for the 2022 Model 3. Minor improvements have been made, such as an improved CPU for the entertainment system. Still, generally, the Model 3 retains its outstanding range, robust performance, and roomy cabin.

As a small luxury sedan, the Tesla Model 3 ranks well in the electric vehicle market. In addition to a wide range and reasonable price, this car’s outstanding performance and simple interior make it even more tempting. 

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