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7 Best Cold Air Intake for Ford Mustang GT Reviews in 2023

While you might consider upgrading your Mustang GT, the most potential modification that stands out is the addition of a cold air intake. The cold air intake is considered the most cost-effective upgrade you can get installed in your vehicle. It increases the performance of the Mustang GT’s engines by introducing a greater quantity of cooler air into the combustion chamber. It can also satisfy the roar your vehicle is producing.

Overview of Cold Air Intake

Cold intakes are considered the most cost-effective modifications, easily installed across different vehicles. It will not offer a greater power boost than the other models you could ever make, as a few engines would benefit greatly when considering the technologies.

They come in many options, including the different manifolds of the cold air intake with an air filter and the cold air intake systems. These are the required parts for the engine to help draw air from the exterior end of the vehicle, and it would increase the airflow throughout the engine, thereby increasing the engine’s power.

The cold air intake for Mustang GT arrives with a unique design allowing greater airflow and a stronger metallic body. The cold air intake systems are made of varied materials based on the vehicle’s performance. It is also vital to pick the one that fits the needs of your car’s model.

You can easily locate the cold air intake systems that best fit several of your Mustangs. In our guide today, we have reviewed a few of the best models for cold air intakes that fit well with your Mustang GT.

Best Cold Air Intake for Ford Mustang GT (Top Picks)

#1. K&N 63-2590 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

#2. Airaid 450-264 Cold Air Intake System

#3. Spectre 9041 Performance Air Intake Kit

#4. CORSA 4415062 Closed Box Air Intake

#5. Ford M9603M8A Performance Cold AIR Intake

#6. BBK 1718 Cold Air Intake System

#7. Injen Technology SP3085P Cold Air Intake System

Best Cold Air Intake for Ford Mustang GT (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Mustangs are considered a few of the coolest cars on the market today. You will have a lot of fun driving the vehicle as they are best for touring nationwide. The main issue is that the vehicle would require appropriate cold air intake systems to derive the ideal performance out of these CAIs. Today’s post will check out reviews of the top 7 cold air intakes for your Mustang GT.

Must Check:

#1. K&N 63-2590 High Performance Cold Air Intake Kit

best cold air intake for mustang gt

The brand K&N is offering you the top-performing air intake kit being one of the prominent manufacturers in the industry of CAI. The kit’s design is based on the type of vehicle and is highly compatible with the Ford Mustang GT model. Buying this Mustang GT cold air intake will help remove excessive stock baffles from the engine while producing top-quality sound when the engine starts.

It even enhances the engine’s performance and acceleration while ensuring it operates under the silent conditioner. The kit will also help safeguard the engine’s life by working as a shield from contaminants. Its aerodynamic designs for the air tube intake can enhance the internal operational condition. Therefore, the engine experiences greater torque values and horsepower.

Additionally, installing this kit is very easy, with a better reference to the thoroughly detailed instruction manuals where the installations would finish in less than an hour. It is the installation that does not involve any unique or expensive equipment. Apart from the simplicity of the installation process, the other reason for considering this cold air intake device is its effortless need for maintenance.

It consists of inbuilt filters compared to disposable ones, where the kit needs less cleaning every mile it travels. You need to clean just 10,000 miles, which is the best option compared to cleaning them every 20,000 miles. The intake systems that the mechanics and the dyno-turners at the globally-reckoned engineering facilities mainly test, and the results were astonishing.

It comprises an incredible amount of airflow while enhancing the throttle’s response time by around 50%. The airflow will help to enhance the throttle response, which results in instant acceleration and adequate handling. It can help you at towing your Mustang rapidly and with greater confidence. It is because it can help remove the limitations caused by the factory intake tube and the air filter boxes.

Main Features
  • Distinctive design matching the vehicle
  • Made out of polyethylene components
  • Ease-of-installation
  • Around 50% of additional airflows


  • The compatibility is guaranteed since it is specific to the vehicle
  • The filter is maintained easily


  • It is the costlier option
  • It might involve smaller modifications for the installation on a few of the vehicles

#2. Airaid 450-264 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for mustang gt

The operation of the top-notch cold air intakes is almost the simple theory that involves delivering greater flow creating more potential and power for your engine. It is the kit where the manufacturer took this fundamental equation into practice to offer you premium performance results while providing numerous customization options.

You can select an oiled or dry filter that is easier to clean while selecting the best CAI for Mustang GT. In this kit, you will come across two variants of performance levels from which you can choose. It is the most innovative and unique design working according to the vehicle’s engine. The media consists of fewer restricted layers with 3D dry synthetic supporting your driving habits. You will get the same level of performance improvements irrespective of the options for filters you are selecting.

These are the oiled air filters working the best way whenever you are driving under conditions that get dusted and dried almost frequently. Select the dry filters while using your car for daily driving on the streets. It is the filtration that provides some great outcomes after correctly installing them.

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The system replacing the factory air boxes with the cold air dam separates the filter from the engine compartment’s hotter end, supplying fresher air from the exteriors. Several systems are smog-legal after installation and use the factory mounting points to create an easier installation process. The warranty is offered for the lifetime by manufacturer AIRAID which is one of the most extensive guarantees available in the industry today.

It is the classic system using the powder-coated inlet tube for moving the air inlet to the ideal location for the vehicle. The design can help optimise the airflow when you drop the throttle. 

Whenever the standards system is too much for the car, you should check out one of the smaller kits the manufacturer offers. You can gain a greater horsepower boost while strengthening the flow right to the engine for enhanced throttle responses and better torque.

You can never believe how easily the cold air intake is installed across numerous vehicles. You might not find them to add a greater boost to the product compared to other options where you would pay a better value for them. If you wish your engine had any additional pep in the steps, it will offer this unit a deeper insight.

Main Features

  • Top-notch filtration system
  • Easier installations
  • Reusable filters
  • Offers warranty for the lifetime


  • Potential filter systems for safeguarding the life of the engine
  • Enhanced performance of the engine
  • Extremely simple installations
  • Astonishing benefits of filtration
  • Enables higher amounts of airflow
  • Heat Shield for safeguarding the filters


  • It is an expensive kit
  • Water, at times, might enter the engines

#3. Spectre 9041 Performance Air Intake Kit

best cold air intake for mustang gt

Style and power travel simultaneously. You can easily witness some of the most astonishing profits when you select this cold air intake system that matches your vehicle needs with the chrome tubes and the mandrel bent, enhancing the airflow.

The chrome coating offers a premium level of making the unit corrosion and rust-resistant instead of choosing the silicone or plastic counterparts that offer you the most complementary appearance within the engine compartment. The package comprises clamps, mounting brackets, washable air filters, adapters, and couplers. The installation normally takes around two to three hours for several owners.

We have even discovered that the only issue is holding up the installations for the cold air intake for Mustang GT that comes with the grommet. The rubber piece made for the sensor is highly complex regarding the placements in some makes and models. The additional problem with the environmental exposures would restrict the lifespan while being compared with the rest of the Cold Air Intake kit.

We have even found that one can nudge in this grommet using the flatbed screwdriver with a few gentle pressures. Numerous drivers will not see a push in the miles every gallon of the potential of their vehicles after installing this kit, and you might even see the real difference in the responsiveness made by each action.

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You can even expect the horsepower that one can gain in about 10 to 15 for several vehicles. The sound you would listen to in the response will become deeper than earlier, mainly while you reach higher RPMs with the car. You can surely gain a significant boost which was never there earlier.

There are a couple of concerns with the installation process due to the directions included in this kit. The kit comes with 90-day restricted warranties that guarantee the kit from defects of any kind under the material and craftsmanship used here.

It is extremely challenging in terms of finding first-class outcomes whenever you are paying for the coach prices. You can never beat the blend of the price and the entire quality with the Spectre unit. If you are taking your time, the throttle responses the manufacturer offers are highly comparable with any other one in the market. You can even hear and feel the real difference in the immediate performance of the engine.

Main Features
  • Improves the engine’s sound
  • It involves a bit of cleaning to the filter
  • The filter offers top-performance
  • Offers adequate protection
  • Maximizes the horsepower of the vehicle


  • Provide greater flow of air
  • It is maintained easily
  • Comprises of top-performing filters
  • It aids in the towing


  • No lid is present on the adapter

#4. CORSA 4415062 Closed Box Air Intake

best cold air intake for mustang gt

The closed box unit arrives with enhanced levels of greater durability for those who intend to use their Mustang under extreme conditions. They are offered the ability to use the devices without making replacements of any kind with the help of this.

It would not involve oil as effectively with the Mustang GT cold air intake. They are even offering identical premium performances without dealing with the messiness brought about by the oil in the vehicle’s engine.

The system is even offering better reliability using the users having highly effective engine performance. The users are offering a better-guaranteed system helping their Mustang perform better than the usual one with this.

Although the Corsa is generally the product that is installed easily, there is also a downside included here. It takes about one hour to complete the vehicle installation when installing this system to the Mustang GT. The drivers of this vehicle are offered the closed box system, which enhances the amount of air arriving right into the engine. The Corsa is easily maintained to offer greater comfort in its usage whenever it arrives at its maintenance.

Additionally, the users need not clean the filters daily; instead, they can get it done for every 100,000 miles, which arrives with driving this Mustang.

Main Features
  • Offers better durability
  • It involves no oil
  • Aids in the efficiency of the engine
  • Comes with a closed-box feature
  • They are easily maintained


  • Do not get the area messed up
  • Helps in the performance of the vehicle
  • It is easily maintained
  • Designed to be longer lasting


  • Installation takes about an hour

Must Check:

#5. Ford M9603M8A Performance Cold AIR Intake

best cold air intake for mustang gt

It is the latest upgrade you have been waiting for so long, as it is brought about by OEM Tuning. It is one of the best CAI for Mustang GT as it is the most cost-effective and simplest way to upgrade your Mustang performance. The system’s design offers you the ideal performance from your Mustang here.

It is the cold air intake system that all Mustang owners should have if they wish to gain greater power from their engines. The specific Mustang cold air intake kit is constructed out of premium-grade materials, arrives with a three-year warranty, and promises to offer 100% satisfaction guarantees.

The kit is made to fit the Mustang GT models from 2018 onwards. The system is specifically designed to improve throttle responses and increase horsepower. The intake is mainly made of premium-grade materials, which the lifetime warranties mainly back. The system arrives with the throttle body adapter of 87mm and the calibration tool for the throttle body.

The system also arrives with a three-year warranty; you can use the replacement part for the entire system if it fails. The intake tubes even enhance the airflow’s acceleration right into the engine. As an outcome, the engine’s horsepower is maximized with enhanced performance. The cooler air in the engine may lead to higher oxygen levels.

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The effect brings about a better fuel combustion rate, enhancing the engine’s performance. Yet another factor contributing to the better combustion rate is the efficient filtration system. The cold air intake system uses reusable filters, ensuring only purified and quality air enters the engine for better combustion.

Whatever you require while reusing this filter is that the users would wash them to take away contaminants of any kind which might have located their way into the intake pipes while being used. The fitting right to the Ford Mustang cold air intake is designed for working by bolting them in the appropriate areas for better installations. The requirement for the recalibration of the system right after the installation is gained out of being designed for the Mustang, particularly with this. Unlike any other models, which would need to get trimmer or modified to suit well with your Mustang, this would offer directly to the car.

Main Features
  • It comes with the better air filtration
  • Ease of installation
  • Filters are reusable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It aids in controlling the temperature
  • Arrives with the synthetic filters
  • Needs no added modifications
  • Controls the better level of turbulences
  • Maximizes the horsepower of the engine
  • Adds greater lifespan to the engine


  • Water might enter the air filters while washing
  • Misses out the hole for mounting the fender

#6. BBK 1718 Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for mustang gt

The BBK 1718 cold air intake for your Mustang GT can help create the most comfortable functionality for enhanced airflow into your engine. For Mustang owners, it would help in assisting with how the throttle response on the road. The installation process takes less than an hour to complete, and it is when you can use the Mustang immediately.

The engine’s sound also improves with greater convenience for those living in a quieter environment. The Mustang GT cold air intake is one of the best options with a cotton filter, making it easier for the users to maintain the pipe for air intake.

Ford has offered us a more potential V6 engine by introducing the newer models of the Mustangs. However, if you are using the older version of Mustang, it is the best time to get your hands on the kit’s performance.

It is mainly the initial thing you will notice as you open up the box, as the unit is shinier and has a brighter finish. It offers a polished chrome appearance with the kit that appears great on your Mustang GT. However, the main reason to get excited about this kit is that it offers you better performance. The kit features a bigger inlet tube and air filters specifically designed to maximize airflow to the engine.

These are the parts that are constructed out of top-quality materials which are specifically designed to withstand the components. They are replaced and cleaned easily to ensure you do not spend much money on repairs. It is the ideal upgrade for all who wish to give an additional boost to the performance of the Mustang. You will gain a better flow of air, greater power, and highly responsive accelerations. It is the ideal way to enhance the Mustang’s performance and is easier to install.

Main Features
  • It sounds the best
  • Instant installation
  • Offers better performances
  • Best-suited for the Mustang
  • Designed with the much better cotton filters


  • Offers better sounds
  • They are maintained easily
  • Instant process of installation
  • Enables better responses of the throttle
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Generates top-quality sound for the engine


  • Arrives with bad tubing
  • The installation might involve a bit of adjustment to fit better

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#7. Injen Technology SP3085P Cold Air Intake System

best cold air intake for mustang gt

It is the kit representing the next-gen for the performance of the cold air intakes offered by Injen Technology. It is engineered specifically for the Mustang GT, where the system will deliver greater performances with proven power gains taking the ride to the next level.

The kit is constructed from the cross-linked greater density of polyethylene for greater longevity and durability. The box comes forward facing ram air scooping to offer fresher, cleaner air to the engine, allowing it to breathe better. It is the single-piece sealed housing using the all-new Twist-Lock system from Injen, which securely attaches the larger SuperNano-Web Dry with the air filter fitted right in place. The housing even comprises the Clear-View badges for a clearer and highly aggressive underhood appearance with quicker and easier inspections of the filters.

The kit is mainly designed for using the greater space right under the hood of your Mustang GT to ensure better breathing room and greater performance. The kit will use the tuned tube and custom roto-mode, offering greater power to increase while retaining the fit of the equipment. The tube even uses the patented MR technology of the brand for precise fuel trims to ensure safer power enhancements without the risk of throwing the engine light at the check.

Main Features
  • Designed for working with the calibration of the stock
  • Greater intake roar of the engine under acceleration
  • Greater durability of the roto-moulded housing made out of polyethylene and intake tubes
  • Completely functioning and forward-facing ram
  • Reinforcing the silicone couplers, which are automotive grade


  • Highly affordable options
  • It arrives in two colour options
  • Easier to install in numerous vehicles
  • Reusable air filters


  • They are not effective with the high-end intakes
  • The filters do not have any protections

Buying Considerations Guide for the Best Cold Air Intake For Mustang GT

Selecting the right type of cold air intake for the Mustang GT is the one which will offer you greater power and the ideal fuel economy. It depends on whatever you need out of the engine. The ideal intake for you is the one that offers you greater horsepower, as it depends on the things you need out of the engine. If you wish to gain better fuel economy, the best one for you is the one that offers you better fuel efficiency.

The following are a few of the different factors which we recommend you at helping to make the ideal buying decisions:


Installing the aftermarket cold air intake on the Mustang GT is easier as it is made for ease of installation. The installation process is easier since the system is not complex, as you might have the necessary parts and can start to install them.

The initial step involved here is removing the factory air intake right out of the engine bay as it is done with removing the housing for the air filters, as the parts should get reinstalled later on. Additionally, you should remove the air box, and it is the air box on the engine’s front side.

The third step involved here is to remove the air intake hose factory-made, get the part disconnected, and reinstall them in the later part. The last step involved here is replacing the housing to the air filter consisting of the housing of the aftermarket housing as you should ensure that the system is secure properly.


The aftermarket CAI system’s performance depends on the system’s size, the flow rate involved in this intake, and the kind of filter used here. The larger size of the air filter leads to a higher flow rate. You will perform better, and the engine might never burn like fuel.

It is vital to mention that the airflow rate is not the single factor affecting the performance rate of the air intakes. The air filters, along with the housing, are also essential factors. A couple of filters are made out of the top-performing applications, with a few made out of the higher mileage applications. These are mainly varied air filters you can easily use in this CIA system.


There are mainly three types of materials that you can use easily for air filter housing: aluminium, steel, and stainless steel. It is the kind of material you can select, as it depends on the environment and the application where you will use the cold air intakes. If you are in search of lightweight air filters, then you should choose steel as it is a cheaper material and does not rust.


Considering durability, the cold air intake systems would last longer. But, the system’s durability would depend on how it is made. For instance, the air filter housing, which is badly made, might get damaged after a couple of years. Additionally, the poor quality of the materials might not hold up for time.

Material Quality

When selecting the cold air intake, it is vital to pay a lot of attention to the material used within the system. Some manufacturers use cheaper materials when building their cold air intake systems. The best material you should choose is steel if you are searching for something longer-lasting.

Water protection

The cold air intake systems generally arrive with a water trap which is mainly used for the prevention of dirt and ingestion of water right into the intake track. A few of the systems are even used for being designed at safeguarding the intake tubes.

FAQs About Cold Air Intake for Ford Mustang GT

How much HP does a cold air intake add to a Mustang GT?

The CAI is mentioned as enhancing the vehicle’s performance by about 5 to 20 horsepower. However, it is insufficient to power to place you right back in the seat as it offers your vehicle a bit of pep to its steps.

Do cold air intakes work on Mustangs?

Quite a few no-tune cold air intakes can easily bolt into the Mustang GT, and they would work in the right way matching the setting of the factories. You should just turn on the Mustang after installation to prepare to move.

Do you need a tune for a cold air intake?

To place it easily, anytime you modify the airflow into the engine, you need a customised tune-up to compensate for the modification. There are a couple of intakes for which you cannot modify the sufficient airflow to where you would need the custom tune-up to identify the vital one.

Do K&N cold air intakes work?

It is for sure that the cold air intake system will work. However, the real amount of additional horsepower you would gain depends entirely on the kind of system and the condition of your engine and the vehicle.


The best cold air intake for Mustang GT depends on your distinctive requirements and budget. Every one of the options offers its own set of benefits, including greater torque and horsepower, enhanced efficiency of the fuel, and the sporty sound of the engine. But, before landing on the last decision, it is vital to perform your research while comparing the different specifications and features for every product to determine which suits your Mustang GT best.

Furthermore, consulting with the certified dealership and the professional mechanic would offer you greater insights to ensure that the cold air intake is highly compatible with the vehicle and does not make the factory warranties void.

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